Greenfield Rodder's Go West

Taking Horace Greeley's advice to heart a small group of Greenfield's gear heads packed their bags, boarded a plane and headed for lala land in Southern California.



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Larry Case's Photos

Larry Case, Dannie Pointer, Dick Daugherty, and Bobby Trefz in front of the world famous Hollywood sign. Behind the camera was Eddie Montgomery.

Most of the photos below were taken at the NHRA Hot Rod Museum while others may be from the Grand National Roadster Show. Both the museum and the show were located in Pomona, CA.

Photos and photo scripts provided by Eddie Montgomery.



This is the very first 1949-51 Mercury to get a chopped top. It was done in the George Barris shop, by George's brother Sam Barris, and this was his personal car. George was mostly the PR man and Sam was the metal man.

Does anyone remember Tommy in the Mouseketeers, aka "TV Tommy Ivo" He was an avid hot rodder also. This is his old "T" Bucket

Editor's Note: I never owned a 49-51 Mercury and can't remember even riding in one. But, it is probably my most favorite classic ride of all times. A chopped and customized Mercury reeks with cool. To me it has a shadowy, stealth like, silhouette that calmly emotes the message, "I'm too cool for the room so I'm outta' here!"


I wonder how many guys remember this slingshot dragster, the "Glass Slipper?"

Does anyone that used to build model car kits, remember
this truck as a model?
"The Black Widow"

Here's one of the main reasons, that I wanted to make the trip. I've liked this truck, ever since it was first built, back in the late 50s, but never got to see it anywhere. It was tragically burnt almost beyond recognition, I think, back in the late 60s, along with some other famous customs, and some movie star's cars too. It has been cloned by one man. But Brizio Street Rods was commissioned by it's present owner to completely rebuild it to it's award winning condition as it appeared back in the 50s. This was done within the last 3 years. By the way, the vehicle is called "The Alakart."

Here's the 34 Coupe from the movie "California Kid" in which Martin Sheen starred in. Here is K.S. Pittman's 33 Willys Gasser from the 60s and early 70s Here's Stone Woods & Cook 41 Willys Gasser. I can remember going to both Kil Kare & National Trails to the Gasser Wars that they had. The racers were "Ohio George Montgomery", Stone Woods & Cook S Pittman, and "Big John Mazmanian" They always put on a heck of a good show.

This is an old famous drag car also, It was powered by an Allison aircraft engine, back in the late 50s early 60s.

Tommy Ivo's dragster powered by four Buick V8s.

One of the very first cars considered to be funny cars. This one is Gas Ronda's Mustang.
These 1st altered wheelbase cars ran in F/X classes
which meant Factory /Experimental.

 Here's the NHRA Drag Safari tech trailer from back in the
early 50s

This is a statue of Wally Parks, the founder of NHRA. At every event the class winner gets a smaller version as a trophy, called the Wally.

Here is Erin Moran aka Joannie from Happy Days, She was friendly and funny. Dick Daugherty, paid to have his pic taken with her.


A "T" Bucket Limo for touring the Stars homes. No, we didn't take the tour. (But, did you eat at Hooter's?)

Here is a pic of the Hollywood sign, taken in front of the Famous Chinese Theatre.



Here's a few photos Larry Case lent me to scan of their winter trip to California. They include photos of Dick Daugherty with Erin Moran (Joanie in Happy Days), Henry "The Fonz" Winkler, Larry, Eddie Montgomery, one of possibly President Eisenhower's cars and a genuine Tucker automobile from the 1940s.


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