A Little Axle Masters Trivia



Some time this summer (2007) Chuck Kerr gave me some photos of the two original Axle Masters car plaques. Both Chuck and I were charter members of the original club that began in the late 1950s. Tom Blackstone, also an original member, was the designer of the two plaques but I was in the service when he came up with the design for the second plaque and didn't even know there was such a thing until just recently.

Jim Fultz has been telling me for a year that he had some pictures he wanted to give me and thought I may want to share them with you folks. So, I finally got around to scanning everything and here's what those nice folks have made available. Now, I'm not going to tell you whose street rods these are. If you remember that era you tell me who you think were the builders. Email me at greenfieldohio@gmail.com.


The shield plaque was the original and the rear end plaque must have been made in the 1960s. Tom also designed the embroidery work for the back of the club jacket. Note: I recently had the original plaque and the jacket back framed and donated to the Greenfield Historical Society. 1/1/09 UPDATE: Jim Fultz provided me with an example of the Axle Masters II plaque. During the 1990s a group of rodders in Greenfield resurrected the club under the name of Axle Masters II. 4/6/2009


I'm told that one of these rods still exists and is still owned by the original builder. Guessing from the regular cars in the background I'd assume these photos were taken in the late 50s or early 60s. Only clues I'll give you is that two of them had flathead ford engines and the other was powered by a 1957 Pontiac engine that had originally been in a Ford roadster. Email to greenfieldohio@gmail.com.

Editor's Note: Buck Rooks recently told me that the truck had begun life as the roadster that he was driving before I left for the Navy. He later removed the roadster body and bolted on the truck body, keeping the drive train as it had been. 1/1/09

Update To The Line Up

This past summer (2008), Eddie Montgomery and several others, lined up their current rides in an attempt to recreate the classic photos taken back in the 60s. It's interesting to note how little has changed in the neighborhood of Fifth and Mirabeau Streets. I recognize the chopped Ford A sedan as being Eddie's car and I believe the 32 Ford coupe belongs to Danny Stuckey. Somebody needs to provide more info about these cars. Email to greenfieldohio@gmail.com. 1/1/09





Chuck Kerr, one of the charter members of the original Axlemasters Hot Rod Club came up with the original charter signed in July, 1958 by Wally Parks himself. Chuck was kind enough to make me a copy but it is a little too large for my scanner. Thus, a little at the bottom is missing. Chuck also has a copy of the bylaws of the club that he is searching for.



Brain got in gear the other car club was "Night Prowlers" a few of us had this for a while and wish I had the plaque that hung down from the bumper and sparked when we took off fast , We also  had a auto parts business called REM Automotive  REM was Buck Rooks, Bill Elliot, Don Mowery we sold auto parts mostly Western Auto and J C Whitney Mostly done from the stools or booth a Penny's. 

Don Mowery, 10/24/07

Buck Rook's car had been a roadster before he took it through Mrs. Collins' flower bed
backwards. The middle car is Bud Zurface's and I understand he still has it. The one on the right was Chuck Kerr's. The photo was taken on south 5th Street across from Eddie Hull's Greenfield Welding shop.

Mike Caplinger, 10/18/07

NOTE: Now this man knows his Greenfield street rod history! Thanks Mike.

The Pontiac motor I think came from Buck Rooks car, Let me know if I'm right. There were a few more car clubs around also at that time. I will remember them someday and let you know.

Don Mowery, 10/13/07

NOTE: That's correct, Buck's rod was the one on the left and was powered by a Pontiac V8.

I think Chuck Kerr bought his truck from the now late, Bill Sheppard, and there was an agreement made that if Chuck was to ever sale the truck Bill would buy it back, which he did. I remember Chuck telling me that he use to go up to Bill's ever so often and change the oil in it. Then once, he got upset because Bill's son took it out in the field and got it stuck. Later on Bill gave the truck to his son and he still has it today. I know that when I was just a kid it was my favorite hot rod. I remember going over to Ray Ashling's garage whenever Chuck would be there tinkering  around with it.
How many of you guys remember the "BOHEMIAN BUM" or "THE HUSTLER" or OL' SPOT to name a few?

Eddie Montgomery, 7/2/2009



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