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Eddie Montgomery's Bracket 2 Drag Car

Here's a pic of my Bracket 2 drag car  it's a 1981 Ford Fairmont 2 dr. post car. It's got a 347 stroker motor, w/forged crank, H beam rods, forged pistons, Edelbrock Victor Jr. aluminum heads and intake. It's got a Comp Cams solid cam and roller rockers, an MSD dist.& 6al box, Demon carb, Hooker super compheaders, main studgirdle, Canton oil pan, It's been balanced, it has a Griffin aluminum radiator, March pulleys, C-4 trans w/Coan 10" converter and trans brake, A B&M Pro Ratchet shifter,8.8 mustang rear end w/4.10 gear w/locker. Southside traction bars, Lakewood 90/10 front struts. Full autometer gauges & shift light. A 6 pt. cage, full sub frame connectors (welded) It runs 6.99 in the 1/8 mile and 10.98 in the quarter. It's a quick and consistent race car. Can't wait until test & tune starts again, at Kilkare.... Eddie 2/10/2009



Favorite Cars that I've Owned

I've not owned a great number of cars in my life and I've never owned anything that most people would consider a muscle car or a street rod. But, there are several of vehicles that I enjoyed and served me well. Regrettably I don't have any photos of the actual cars but I found representative photos on the web.

I didn't buy my first car until I was almost twenty-one and that was a 1959 Olds full boat station wagon with full power everything. Needless to say, I never won any "he's too cool" awards driving that behemoth around.

Danny Stuckey tells me that if I had it today it would be worth a small fortune. Like my Lionel trains set, it long ago turned into rust.

1960 2-door Chevy Biscayne with 283 V8. Mine was one color puke green with 3-speed manual transmission and Hurst shifter on floor. Bought it from Smitty's in 1963 and drove it to California in 1964. Traded off for VW.

1959 VW with cloth sun roof. This was my first wife's car. It was a dark gray and fun to run around in. Roof opening was much larger than today's sun roofs. No gas gauge, you threw a lever on the floor with your foot and you had 1-gallon to get to a station. If you didn't throw the lever back before you refilled, the reserve tank stayed empty. 1965 VW that I traded the Chevy for. The Chevy was wearing out and I was in college full-time and needed something cheaper and more reliable. Mine was a cream or off-white color. Drove this car across country twice and brought it back to Ohio when we moved back to Greenfield. Wish I still had it!
1969 MG MK-III Midget. Mine was British Racing Green but otherwise, just like the one in the photo. I bought it new on an impulse. Went to get a hair cut and the barber's shop was next door to a MG dealer. I decided I need a college graduation present. Total cost was $2649. My first wife got custody in the divorce and eventually she sold it to a guy who ran it head on into a snow plow. Guy lived, car died! Sometime in the early 70s I decided I needed a larger vehicle. Smitty filled the bill with a bright red 1970 Plymouth 2-door Fury with a large V8. When OPEC shut the door on cheap gas I traded it in on a new VW Rabbit. 1975 VW Rabbit 2-door in bright lime green color. This was the first year the Rabbit was sold in America and Motor Trend rated it one of the seven best made vehicles in the world. Boy did they have their heads up their collective rear ends. It was roomy, fast, easy on gas and great in the snow. But, every time you turned around something broke and needed to be replaced. Joke was that I didn't get a lemon, I got a lime.
After I retired from teaching I decided I again deserved a new sports car. By that time, however, my butt was too wide and I couldn't bend low enough to get into an MG. Next best thing was a 30th Anniversary edition of the Chevy Camaro. Mine was forest green ( as close to BRG as was available), V6, 5-spd, T-tops and everything else. Only regret is that I didn't get manual transmission. I had a Borlan cat-back exhaust system installed which boosted the HP a tad and gave it a great purr. Would still own it but I got too fat to fit!

Buck's Collection of Milk Trucks

I've known Buck Rooks for most of my life and he is a person of great variety. One never knows what will catch his eye next but it is usually interesting. A year ago Buck suddenly showed up with a 1963 milk truck from California. Sometime later a 1948 shorter version appeared on his property. He had plans to restore them and use one as a driver. I think today he may be thinking more of selling them and sticking with his motorcycle and hot rod projects. I have no skills, not enough money, and little desire to restore a vehicle but, if I did, something like a 1948 milk truck street rod may be the ticket for me.



Tom Benner's Coupe & Wayne Fultz's Isetta

Here's a couple of photos from Jim Fultz's collection. The first one is a classmate of mine (1960) Tom Benner with his Ford coupe. Tom passed away several years ago but was always interested in street rods. I remember an old 1940s era coupe that he bought while we were working together loading hog trucks at Collin's in 1958. I can't remember what brand it was but I remember helping him put Port-A-Walls on it and spraying it with dark gray primer using spray cans he got at Cussin and Ferns. Five of us wedged in it one Saturday evening and went for an evening out in the metropolis of Columbus. We ended up at a roller skating rink trying, without success, to score with some young ladies.

The second is of Jim's dad, Wayne Fultz who was an insurance salesman. He had a couple of Isettas and a pretty cool WWII era Jeep if I recall correctly. Not sure about the Jeep but the family still owns the Isettas. 4/6/09

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