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Published October 31, 2007


More Greenfield Vintage Vehicles


Reader Input

A couple of weeks ago I did an article about some of the vintage street rods that Greenfielder's in the 50s and 60s put together. That article elicited a response from George Hull about his grandfather, Dr. Ralph Hull, and the Zinnecker brothers, who fooled around with cars and motorcycles a few decades earlier. Here's Georges email along with a few photos he sent me... (I love this kind of input so if you've got some family history you would like to share please send it along.)


In response to your great story about Buck Rooks and the others.  That photo was taken across the street from our house and my dads shop where Bucky had that critter for ever.  Yes there were early car and motorcycle adventures.  The first photo enclosed is of a car my grandfather built with Frances Hull Watts (Bob Watts’ Mother) inside.  The second photo is of the Zinnecker brothers who some will remember having the barber shop in Greenfield.  They and my grandfather, Dr. Ralph Hull had motorcycles and the three ended up going cross country probably spreading havoc. 

George Hull, george.hull@asu.edu


L-R: The car built by Dr. Ralph Hull, Dr. Hull's mother looking none too sure about these new fangled contraptions, and the Zinnecker brothers and their rides.


I assume that's Dr. Hull at the controls but I don't know who the passenger is. Maybe George can ID the fellow.


Now, for a little Greenfield trivia!

  1. What kind of a doctor was Dr. Hull?

  2. What occupation did the Zinnecker brothers follow?

  3. Give the names of the Zinnecker brothers and correctly ID them in the photo above.

email to: greenfieldohio@gmail.com


Reader Input


The Zinnecker sister was Clara Kelly.  She was a friend of my mother's and a wonderful fun person.   Her husband was killed in WW1 and Clara lived with her brothers above the barber shop. Clara had 1 son who was older than my Mom and he lived in an eastern state.  Mom said she only knew of 2 brothers and neither of them ever married.  Clara was part of the group that Mom played cards with.  I think Mom and Marguerite Penn are the only 2 left out of that bunch.  Some of the others were Elizabeth Carey, Clara Miller, Chloe Norton, Clarabelle Redkey and Mary Jane Charles.    

Susan Thompson, 11/5
Charles was taller and they had some good comic books to read in there.

Don Mowery, 11/5

Charles was the tallest.

Jim Fenner, 11/5


This survey proves that it doesn't matter who you are or what you did nobody will remember our names 50 years from now. My advise is live life to the fullest

because people forget.
John Countryman, 11/5
Dr. Hull was a dentist.
There were three Zinnecker brothers and they were barbers....George, Charles, and the name of the third one escapes me as of now....working on that one...... By the way I believe they had a sister also....
Jim Fenner, 11/1

NOTE: Which was the taller, George or Charles?


Dr. Hull was a dentist and the Zinnecker brothers were barbers. I remember lots of stories about Doc Hull that Eddie Hull and Tom Rose told about Doc when I worked for Eddie at the welding shop. He was something. I had my hair cut at the Zinnecker brothers shop but I can't remember their names.

Bo Narcross, 11/1



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