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Editor's Note: This data was scanned using OCR software. Because of the large number of non-standard abbreviations, etc. there may be many small errors in people's names and other information. I simply don't have the time to make all the corrections but even with the errors, it remains a great source of nostalgic, historical and genealogical information.
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A&P Food Store J B Palm mgr 311 Jefferson 4137

Abernathy David Mrs nurse Municipal Hosp res Thrifton 0

Ackley Harold W (Nellie N) 2 (8) fcty h 905 South

Acton Robt W (Mary Lou) farmer h 518 Jefferson

Adams C Frank (Kath) 6 (8) Am Pad & Tex h 1021 South 4707Y

Adams David r 1021 South 4707Y

Adams John E (LaFerne) 1 (8) St game warden h 552 Lyndon 4479R

Adams LaFerne (Mrs J E) bkpr Dillon Chevrolet r 552 Lyndon 4479R

Adams Rebecca K (wid J L) h 630 Pine 4497B

Adams Roland E (Janice) 2 h 216 McClain

Adams Wm C (Dorothy M) USA r 134 Lafayette 4412Y

Adams Wm M (Clara) 4 0 emp Am Pad & Tex h 446 C

Addy Ella M (wid R E) ® h 413 Jefferson 471

Addy Fred E 1 r 413 Jefferson 471

Adkins Edgar (Mildred) h 435w Mirabeau

Aduddell Mary (wid Tom) 0 h 1030 South

Albright Carl E (Edna) 0 clk Corner Rexall Drug h 507 Spring 4340R

Albright Edna (Mrs C E) recpt J C Weinrich r 507 Spring 4340R

Aleshire Eulihe (Minnie) r 238 5 Washington 4314R

Alexander Gene sch bus dr r 111 North 4304

Alexander Sarah E (wid Truman) 0 (Good Luck Serv) h 111 North 4304

Allemang 0 E (Velma) 0 h 126 57th 4486R

Allen Alyce B (Mrs M L) tchr Elem Sch r 313 N 7th 4608Y

Allen Jones R (Grace L) 0 aircraft wkr h 333 5 5th 4433Y

Allen Lige (Louise) 0 h 130 Railroad

Allen Lillian forwn US Shoe r 214 N 2nd 4492R

Allen Maurice (Dorothy) 1 0 structural eng h 502 South 477

Allen Meade L (Alyce B) 0 slsmn F A Cameron ImpI Co h 313 N 7th 4608Y

Allen Robt r 502 South 477

Allen Thurston (Mary) 1 0 emp NatI Cash Reg h 525 Lyndon 4442K

Alley Orris r 2385 Washington 4314R

Aithouse Patricia (Mrs Virgil) opr Ohio Consol Tel r RI) 2 45251

American Legion Post No 298 R A Smart comdr meets ea 1st & 3rd Wed 324½ Jefferson

American Pad & Textile Co H M Marc pres & genl mgr, N C Herrold v-pres in chg of sis, C L Jamison v-pres in chg of oprs, D W Hindes v-pres in chg of mfg & Russell Kerr treas sptg gds mfrs 420 5 Washington 4252

Amyn James A (Joyce) 2 dr Central Ohio Paper r 448 South 4413K

Anderson Anna Marie emp US Shoe r 118 9th

Anderson Chas (Ethel H) 0 firemn Village Water & Lt h 127 S 4th

Anderson Chas N Jr (Mice L) 3 0 emp US Shoe h 936 Spring 4658E~

Anderson Chester E (Becky) 1 h 941 South

ANDERSON DONALD K (Norma Jean) 1 (Anderson Funeral Home) h 456 Jefferson 4205

Anderson Elmer F (Ethel) 2 0 emp US Shoe h 548 N 5th 4228Y

Anderson Ethel H (Mrs Chas) cik Village r 127 5 4th

ANDERSON FUNERAL HOME (Donald K & W Wilbur Anderson) 456 Jefferson 4205

Anderson Geo A (Joyce A) 3 (Greenfield Cab Co) h 205 North

Anderson Mason r 649 Mirabeau 4486B

Anderson Miriam Mrs 0 nurse Municipal Hosp h 649 Mirabeau 4486B

Anderson Robt r 2385 Washington 4314R

ANDERSON SARA J ins 447 Mirabeau 4224 & village tress h same 4224..

ANDERSON W WILBUR (Louise) (Anderson Funeral Home) h 603 South 4272K

Andrews Anna (wid A F) 0 h 538 Pine 4202X

Angel Donna Mrs 0 emp US Shoe h 616 Dickey

Angel Norman P (Hattie) 0 recvg clk Waddell Co h 712 Carford Pike 4274R

Angel Ruth r 712 Carford Pike 4274R

Angel Ray E (Lizzie) mach opr Waddell Co h RD 2

Angell Paul r Harper Hotel 4322

Angus Marjorie K (Mrs R C) cik Wilknit Hosiery r 614 Lafayette 4317B

Angus Robt C (Marjorie K) 0 (Angus TV Shop) h 614 Lafayette 4317B

Archer Paul (Loretta) 1 0 serv sta atndt h 150 Lafayette

Arehart Ralph emp Philips Cut Rate Drug r Harper Hotel 4322

Arledge James E (Shirley) 1 emp Ferno Mfg h 311A 1st

Armburst John (Dorothy) 0 emp US Shoe h 1045 North 4362X

Arnold Floyd E (Anna) 1 0 emp NatI Cash Reg h 1056 North 4612Y

Arnold Frances E bkpr Peoples Nati Bk r 1056 North 4612Y

Arnott Edith K r 603 Pine 4627B

Arnott Femma (wid R C) 1 h 627 Mirabeau 4368K

Arnott John W (Margt) 0 wldr h 633 Mirabeau 4368Y

Arnott Paul E USN r 419 Jefferson 4642

Arnott Walter A (Bess E) 0 plbr R R Donohoe h 422 5 2nd 4402B

Ash Levi (Susie) jan Cowgill’s h 122 North

Ashbaugh Lester fanner r Harper Hotel 4322

Ashbaugh Norma r 821 Lafayette 4651R

Ashling John (Lucille W) wtch mkr r 640 5 Washington

Ashling Lucille W (Mrs John) clk Peoples NatI Bk r 6405 Washington

Ashling Ray W (Ruth M) (Ashling’s Hdw) h 727 Mirabeau 4259K

Ashiing’s Hardware (R W Ashling) 326 Jefferson 4312R

Atchison Clara h 1345 5th 4175Y

Ault Bessie r 504 Lyndon 4479Y

Austin Archie W (Bertha) h 713 McClain 4653B                  

Austin Marian (wid Frank) 2 h 245 South 4335B

Austin Walter K (Wanda Lee) 1 compositor Greenfield Ptg & Pubig h 118 S 9th

Austin Wanda L (Mrs S W K) elk Corner Rexail Drug r 118 9th

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B&M Beauty Salon (Mrs Madge Taylor) 907 South 4754

BADGLEY DECORATORS SUPPLIES (Thos R & Mrs Louise R Badglcy) 123 54th 4262

Badgley Emory W (Ruth A) 1 ® ofc h 765 McClain 4176X

Badgley Lee R (Austa) mach opr Waddeil Co h RD 2

Badgley Lillie R (wid G W) ® h 326 5 4th 4604B

BADGLEY LOUISE R (Mrs T R) (Badgisy Decorators Sups) r 458 Lyndon ~~604

Badgley Oscar A (Ethel W) formn Am Pad & Tex h 404 Dickey

Badgley Richd C (Bernice) ® emp Coffman’s h 522 Boyd

Badgley Robt G elk Kroger’s r RD 1

BADGLEY THOS R (Louise R) ® (Badgisy Decorators Sups) funeral dir Murrays Funeral Home & trust.. Village Bd of Pub Affairs h 458 Lyndon 4604

Badgley W 0 r 903 Mirabean

Badgley Wm R (Ethel) ® mach opr Am Pad & Tex h Juvenile 4457R

Bailey Arlis J (Wilda) ® custdn Peoples~Natl Bk h 419 Evans 4147R

Bailey Hiram (Wilma) 2 USA r 210 Oak

Bailey Jos S (Ida) 1 emp Candle Light h 441 McKell

Bailey Melvin L (Jane) 2 fcty GMC h 417 Lafayette 4398Y

Bailey Saml (Bernice) 1 h 210 Oak

Bainter Chas E (Velma 1) 3 ® fcty US Shoe h 419 Jefferson 4642

Bainter Robt W (Barbara) 2 emp Am Pad & Tex h 650 Baltimore

Balnter Velma I (Mrs C E) (Velma’s Beauty Shop) r 419 Jefferson 4642

Baird Jos L (Grace) 1 ® emp Coffman Stair Case h 221 McClain 4287X

Baird Leonard Jr (Lorene) 1 fety GMC h 464½ Lyndon

Baker Harley F (Fern T) 2 emp Village h 125 Jefferson

Baldridge Elsa (Hazel) emp US Shoe h 634 Lyndon 4759Y

Baldwin James H (JoAnn) I farmer h 213 5 7th

Ballard Grace (wid Fay) ® h 1021 N Washington 45171

Ballentine Blanche (wid Chas) ® h 126 N 7th 4225R

Ballentine Eva (Mrs J L) nurse Municipal Hosp r 965 Mirabeau

Ballentine James L (Eva) 0 slsmn h 965 Mirabeau

Ballentine Olive (wid Samuel) 0 Ii 609 Lyndon

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad R C Spangler agt 515 5 Washington 4136

Balzer Geo (Doris) 2 0 emp Cudaliay h 772 8th 4653R

Banta Loren S (Agnes) 0 wtr h 707 Spring 4243R

Barbour Glenna 0 h 710 N 4th

Barfell Wm A 0 h es Foraker

Barlett Elis (Mrs Marion) opr Ohio Consol Tel r 538 Lyndon 4406K

Barlett Marion (Eliz) pts mgr Dillon Chevrolet h 538 Lyndon 4406K

Barnett Alice Mrs 0 h 646 Baltimore 4382B

Barnette Cecil D (Joann) inntnce US Shoe r 910 Jefferson 4469Y

Barney Orie A (Lorraine) 2 emp US Shoe h 232 Spring

Barney W Richd (Mary) 2 0 emp Am Pad & Tex h 928 Mirabeau

Barnhart Colleen J (Mrs W F) elk Rooks Food Mkt r 819 5 4th 4609R

Barnhart Elmer R (Lucille T) emp US Shoe h 112½ N 4th 4270Y

Barnhart Lucille T (Mrs E R) (Spic ‘N Span) r 112½ N 4th 4270Y

Barnhart Mary Ann aide Municipal Hosp r RD 2

Barnhart Melvin W (Geraldine) 2 emp US Shoe h 840 Spring

Barnhart Walter F (Colleen J) opr B&O BR h 819 8 4th 4609R

Barr Darrell R (Ola J) 2 (Barr’s Barber Shop) h 428 Mlrabeau

Barr Richd (Carolyn) 4 0 (Barr’s Barber Shop) h 333 Ludlow 4147Y

Barr Roy B (Glenna B) 2 (Barr’s Barber Shop) h 646 S Washington

Barr Walter B (Loma W) 0 h 137 North 4349R

Barr’s Barber Shop (D R, Richd & R B Barr) 134 S Washington

Barrett Betty tchr Elem Sch res Bainbridge 0

Barrett Ethel Mrs h 315 North

Barrett Hazel (Mrs Raymond) clk J D Flynn & Sons r 444 South

Barrett Janice M nurse & tech J M Byers res Leesburg 0 RD 1

Barrett Raymond (Hazel) clk Jones Hdw h 444 South

Bartley Bizie (Alma) h es Foraker

Bartley Homer L 0 h ws Milburn

Bartley Lee clk Ashling’s Hdw r RD 3

Bartley Leonora (wid Clyde) 0 h 822 Carford Pike

Bartley Ruby Mrs 1 0 emp US Shoe h 1034 Lafayette

Barton Eva A Mrs h 438 Olive

Barton Forest 0 (Bernice) 1 0 mech Davis Buick & Pontiac h 614 Mirabeau 4208B

Bass Booker T (Evelyn) 2 emp Wright-Patterson h Lyndon

Bays Kelly L (Mrs R W) bkpr Bays Variety Store r 419 North 4734

Bays Ralph W (Kelly L) (Bays Variety Store) h 419 North 4734

Bays Variety Store (RW Bays) 239 Jefferson 4615

Beach Beulah B h 319 5 7th 4496B

Beatty Carey Mrs nurse Municipal Hosp r RD 1

Beatty Clifford H (Joan H) clk Gossett Co h RD 1 45357

Baatty Colin E (Mary) 1 lab Murphy’s Mill h ns Milburn

Beatty Floyd R (Betty V) 6 h 203 Lafayette

Beatty Frank R (Velma) 1 0 trk dr h es Milburn

Beatty Fred (Audrie M) 4 0 trkr h 634 North

Beatty Fred B (Bessie 5) h 358 Mirabeau

Beatty Geo r 649 Pine

Beatty Howard G (Joan) 2 emp Village St Dept h 153% Jefferson 4489K

Beatty Irma emp US Shoe r 649 Pine

Beatty Lilly (wid Win) 0 h 119 Lafayette 4491Y

Beatty Maggie Mrs b 424 lot

Beatty Robt (Eileen) 4 crane opr Blue Rock h 448 Spring

Beatty Roscoe (Rosie) 5 firemn Village Water & Light Dept h es Milburn

Beatty Ruth K emp US Shoe h 808 Jefferson 4306R

Beatty SamI R (Core) 0 fcty Am Pad & Tex h 649 Pine

Beaver H D (Ella) 0 h 519 Lyndon 4440Y

Bechtel R J r 226 Mirabeau

Beckett Lena B Mrs clk Am Pad & Tex h 218 5 4th 4435B

Beechler Bertha Mrs emp US Shoe h 642½ South 4286B

Beechler Ernest E (Roberta L) 4 0 (Beechler’s Gulf Serv) Ii 452 Dickey

Beechler Margt mail clk Wilknlt Hosiery r 642% South 4286B

Beechler Raymond N (Ethel) 0 h 651 5 2nd

Beechler Richd clk J D Flynn & Sons r 452 Dickey

Beechler Watt r 233 Pine 4328

Beechler’s Gulf Service (B E Beechler) 602 5 Washington 4679

Beekman Latha L h 614½ Jefferson

Beekman Margt nurse Municipal Hosp h 646½ S Washington 4495R

Belford Oakie V (Mrs W F) nurse Municipal Hosp r 602 N 5th

Belford Walter F (Oakie V) lab City h 602 N 5th 4228K

Bell Geo 3 (Josephine I) @ Ins agt h 425 N 6th 4226Y

Bell Walter C (Janet R) 2 @ prsmn Greenfield Ptg & Pubig h 636 Spring 4684B

Bellar Lauren B (Juanita) 30 forum Greenfield Ptg & Pubig h 772 North 4124R

Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks Lodge No 717 3 C Bitten. exalted ruler 252 Jefferson 4340

Benner C C (Eltha) @ h 623 Short Dickey 4424Y

Benner Ferne tchr Elem Sch r RD 2 4451Y

Benner Lawrence R (Vera K) 2 asst mgr Modern Finan h 663 Short Dickey 4495K

Benne~ Lawrence S (Ethel) 0 mach opr Brown & Brockmeyer & pastor Sulphur Springs Bapt Ch h 478 5 1st 4655X

Bennett Ed 0 (Cath) h 153 Jefferson

Bennett Fred H (Ehiz) (B) v-pres Hicraft Tool h 812 5 Washington 4218B

Bennett Kenneth (Wanda) emp US Shoe r 139 Paint

Bennett Thelma C emp Am Pad & Tex r 334 South 4103B

Bennett Wm E (3 Fern) 0 h 688 S Washington 4162

Bennington Clyde (Eloise) 0 emp US Shoe h 525 Waddell 4464R

Benson Cecil emp Chas Cohen r 625 5 2nd 4878R

Benson Edw E (Effie) 0 grndr US Shoe h us Hillcrest Dr

Berend Helen D (wid K E) (5) h 418 South 4413Y

Bergen Leroy 3 (Emily) 2 0 plut Supt US Shoe h 223 SprIng 4370Y

Bergen Wm P student r 223 Spring 4370Y

Berry Herbert r 238 S Washington 4314R

Berry 3 Everett (Goldie) (Berry & Mitchell) h 702% 5 7th 4302

Berry & Mitchell (3 E Berry & E R Mitchell) gro 702 57th 4302

Bert & Ed’s (Edw Geib) tavern 221 Jefferson 4693

Best James E (Sara L) 0 atndt Shad’s Serv Sta h 315 Mill RD 1

Bethel John D (Patricia) 3 emp VA h 711 Lafayette

Beulah’s Beauty Shop (Mrs Beulah Miller) 771 McClain 4163

Beulah’s Greenhouse (W R & Mrs Beulah G Whitley) 827 Nellie 4199R

Biehn J H r Harper Hotel 4322

Biuns Philhip r Harper Hotel 4322

Birkhimer James A (Carrie) 0 h 312 Mlrabeau 4478R

Blrkhimer Robt W (Eliz) 5 bldr h 318 Mlrabeau 4410K

Black Chester F (Viva Nell) 6 0 crane opr Armco Co h 452 N 6th

Black Harvey F (Mabel) ® h 933 N 5th 4458Y

Black Lester r 933 N 5th 4458Y

Black Lucille r Elliott Hotel 4113

Black Nelson (Isabel) 1 asst chf eng PS h end N 7th 4388R

Blackstone Nathi (Milly) 2 0 emp US Shoe h 886 Spring 4727R

Blackwell Byron (Eliz) 0 h 1034 W Washington 4297K

Blackwell Grace 0 0 slswn Sears h 143 Jefferson 4488Y

Blain James W (Ruth T) 2 h 220 N 4th

Blain John H (Kathryn) 2 0 emp US Shoe h 750 Lafayette

Blain Ralph G (Norma) 2 trk dr h 334 N 4th

Blame Dorothy 0 ofc sec R W Hull h 452 Mirabeau 4368B

Blame Mildred r 452 Mirabeau 4366B

Blair Jerry W r 428 McClain

Blair Thos G emp US Shoe r 428 McClain

Blair Wm W (Louise) CR3 firemn Am Pad & Tex h 428 MeClain

Blake Harold (Rosabelle) 3 slsmn Dillon Chevrolet r 618 Short Dickey 4360X

Blake Grace A tchr McClain IfS h 134 5 5th 4175Y

Blake Irvin B (Lavonne) 2 cR3 mech Smith Ford h ws Foraker

Blake Orval V (Clara 5) 1 0 electn h 615 Edgewood 4634X

Blanton Wm G (Cynthia M) 0 coremkr Greenfield Fdry h 1048 Lafayette 4701B

Blaser Evelyn (Mrs F N) ofc Municipal Hosp r 310 N 6tl~ 4747

Blaser Frank N (Evelyn) 3 ~5) sis rep h 310 N 6th 4747

Blazer Donald W (Wanda C) 2 emp Am Pad & Tex h 619 S 5th

Blazer Hazel G (wid Win) 0 fcty Am Pad & Tex h 415 5 5th 4141B

Blazer Marion (Edna) 0 st emp h 509 Lyndon 4740

Blazer Raymond A (Romaine) 1 0 emp Am Pad & Tex h 219 N 7th 4331Y

Blazer Romaine (Mrs R A) emp G B Doan r 219 N 7th 4331Y

Bobo Florence R Mrs emp US Shoe h Apt B 425 Mirabeau

Bobb W Willis (Margt L) 0 drl opr h 653 Lyndon 4442X

Boden Carrie Lou cafeteria mgr McClain IfS r RD 2 45022

Boden John M (Erma) carp Village Water & Lt Dept res Bainbridge 0 RD 1 AGreenfield 5000

Bond Kenneth G (Betty 3) 3 fcty Armco h 541 Pine

Booher C E (Margt P) cR3 prin McClain IfS h 644 Jefferson 4259B

Borden Donald E carrier P0 r RD 1

Borders Freet M (Sophrona) CR3 emp US Shoe h ss Hillcrest Dr 4758Y

Borreson Albert cR3 phys 607 Jefferson 451 h same 451

Borreson Richd USN r 607 Jefferson 451

Borst Saml tchr McClain IfS res Frankfort 0

Boultier Llewelln K Jr (Marie) 1 0 emp Wilmington Air Base h 430 Boyd 4429B

Boultier Mary E (wid L K) dishwshr Doc’s Place h 321 McClain 4472K

Bourgraf Elroy E sec-treas Ferno Mfg Co h 332 N Washington 4700

Bourne Cabel (Irene) bodymn Dillon Chevrolet res Hillsboro 0

Bowen Hans W (Gladys) ® bkr Pearce Restr h ws Milburn 4365K

Bower Loren L (Josephine) 2 emp US Shoe h 425 Lafayette 4385X

Bowers Mary J wtrs Pearce Restr r RD 3 45193

Bowles Ira S (Innis) ® h 457 Dickey 4282K

Bowles Patricia clk Wilkuit Hosiery r 1023 Grandview 4634K

Bowles Sylversia emp US Shoe h 1023 Graudview 4634K

Bowman Edw (Emily) 0 lastic rm US Shoe h 1055 South

Bowman Richd J USA r 1005 South

Bowman Wm (Wavlyn) 4 ® bldr h 521 Spring 4197Y

Boyd Audie (Chioa) 1 0 emp Greenfield Fdry h 831 N 5th 4662B

Boyd 3 Heber groundmn Village Water & Lt Dept h 151 Mirabeau

Boyd Marjorie ® h 231 Mirabeau

Boyd Perry L (Agnes C) 2 cR3 US Shoe h 202 S 6th

Boyer Jos H (Allen) cR3 h 613 Depot 4452Y

Boyle Jack E (Ruth) 2 mgr Elliott Hotel h 433 South 4377X

Brackman Alvin 3 (Ella L) accut Am Pad & Tex h Apt 2 345 North 4233R

Brackman Donald A r Apt 2 345 North 4233R

Brackman Ella L (Mrs A 3) cash Cussins & Fearn r Apt 2 345 North 4233R

Bragg 3 F r 214 N 2nd 4492R

Bray Hestel (Mrs W S) nurse Municipal Hosp r 407 Evans

Bray W Silas (Hestel) 0 farmer h 407 Evans

Breckenridge Gertrude M 0 h 811 N 4th 4379R

Brewer Billy (Mary) 3 carp h 243 South

Brewer John (Marlene) 4 emp Blue Rock Quarry h 440 McKell

Brewer Lewis E (Dorothy) 2 0 h 722 Carford Pike 4274Y

Brewer Phyllis r 722 Carford Pike 4274Y

Briggs Cath Mrs h 1051 Mirabeau

Briggs Frances 0 h 723 Jefferson 4115Y

Brizius Lerow F (Quelda) slsmn Fashion Furn Co h 113¼ S Washington 4150B

Brookover Fanny M Mrs h 333 Mirabeau 4214Y

Brookover Mary Lou tchr Elem Sch res Bainbridge 0 4Greenfield 5006

Brooks James A (Bertha L) 2 0 heel tacker US Shoe h 618 5 7th

Brooks Wm (Lucille) 0 emp US Shoe h 749 Mirabeau

Brown Bernard T (Mary) 2 0 emp Wright-Patterson AEB h 317 North 4375K

Brown Bernice E tchr McClain IfS res Hillsboro 0

Brown Chas H (Ruth I) 0 prsr h 645 Lyndon

Brown Francis C (Sarah) jan 1st Bapt Ch h 433 McClain

Brown Helen (wid Win) 1 pkg rm US Shoe h 657 North 4317X

Brown Homer M (Helen) 0 h 558 Mirabeau 4148Y

Brown Kelly prod mgr Kroger’s res South Salem 0

Brown Ramona 3 student r 645 Lyndon

Brubaker Kinsey 3 (Louise M) h 424½ Jefferson 4332X

Brumfield Hartsel (Emogene I) 1 0 emp Am Pad & Tex h 415 N Washington 4626X

Brush Ivoah H (Ethel 0) (Brush’s Shoe Serv) res Washington CR 0

Brush’s Shoe Service (I H Brush) 121 N Washington

Bruss Albert 0 h 503 Boyd

Bryan Otis (Virginia) 1 h 420 Olive

Bryant Chas L (Ernestine) 0 atndt US VA h 209 B Spring 4425K

Bryant Geo (Juanita) 1 0 h 544 South 4202K

Bryant Harry E (Norma) 3 emp Am Pad & Tex h 531 Lyndon

Bryant Kenneth (Dorothy) 0 (Kenny’s Garage) h 563 McKell 4236B

Bryant Uoyd If (Bryant Sinclair Sta) r 130 5 4th 4131B

Bryant Maggie R (wid Harry) 0 h 130 5 4th 4131B

Bryant Plummer (Betty B) 0 emp Highland Co Farm Bu,r h 406 Edgewood 4184X

Bryant Sinclair Station (LIf Bryant) 634 N Washington

Buck Barbara B emp US Shoe

Buck Bessie (wid 3 R) 0 h 323 South 4314B

Buck Isabel tchr McClain IfS r 141 Edgewood 4 109K

Buck Jessie C (wid S J) 0 h 141 Edgewood 4109K

Buck John R (Betty) 1 mgr Pure Oil Serv Sta h 524 Spring 4765

Buckiugham Mabel 3 (wld 3 B) 2 0 (Buckiugham Nursing Home) h 653 Spring 4277X

Buckiugham Mary F nurse Buckingham Nursing Home r 853 Spring 4277X

Buckingham Nursing Home (Mrs Mabel J Buckiugham) 238 5 Washington 4314R

Buckingham Robt B (Jean Ann) 1 USN r 653 Spring 42’77X

Bunn Lois R (wid B M) 0 reg nurse Municipal Hosp h 720 W South 4441R

Burgess Edith 0 emp GMC h 365 Oak

Burgess Louis F (Burgess Serv) res Lyndon 0

Burgess Service (LF Burgess) 1050 Jefferson 4469X

Burnett Hattie (wid Frank) r 233 Pine 4328

Burnett Howard r 206 Summerfield

Burnett John (Melda) 1 0 emp Am Pad & Tex h 403 McClain 4654Y

Burnett Margt Mrs h 223 N 5th

Burnett Verna (wid Wesley) h 206 Summerfield

Burns Charlotte D Mrs 2 (Rooks Meat Mkt) h 123 Lafayette

Burns Howard L (Winona A) 0 carp h 852 N 4th 4392B

Burns Nora (wid Clyde) r 233 Pine 4328

Burriss Carol D r 216 N Washington 4173

Burriss Kenneth K (Margt D) 1 0 vet 226 (216) N Washington 4173 h same 4173

Burwell Lester W v-pres Home Bldg & Loan Co r Elliott Hotel 4113

Bus Depot Randolph Cooper agt Harper Hotel 4322

Bushnell Brny R lab P A Munyon r 453 Milburn

Bussard David G (Cotilda) 3 0 equip opr Clinton Co AFB h 218 Edgewood 4739

BUSSARD DONALD I (Marietta) 1 0 IwIr 338 Jefferson 4128B h 730 Lafayette

Bussard Greenhouse & Nursery (D G Bussard) 218 Edgewood 4739

Butcher Fred (Lettie) 0 h 910 Mirabeau

Butler Alt cik Butler’s Store r Carford Pike

Butler All (Lizzie) h us Carford Pike

Butler Clyde .GADora P) 0 carp Am Pad & Tex h 515 N 4th 4429Y

Butler Elgan P (GoldIe B) 10 h 1007 North

Butler Fans (Butler’s Store) r Carford Pike

Butler Phoebe Mrs r 233 Pine 4328

Butler Walter Mae mall cik Wilkult Hosiery r RD 2 45218

Butler’s Store (Fans Butler) gro us Carford Pike

Byers 3 Martin (Arlene) 2 0 phys 628 Jefferson h 320 N 6th 4266B

Byrd Geo custdn Municipal Hosp r Carford Pike

Byrd Leatha cook Municipal Hosp h 7065 7th

Byrd Walter G (Alma) 7 0 jan Village h 153 North

Byrd Zeek E (Marjorie) 0 h Taylor 4365Y

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C&W Motor Sales Inc G P Caplinger pres 237 5 Washington 488 & used cars 2105 Washington

Cable Glendon D (Lenora) 1 0 emp Am Pad & Tex h 448 Dickey 43454

Cady Cleo I Mrs 0 emp Am Pad & Tex h 457 Spring 4340B

Caldiero Jos A (Avanelle) 2 0 adv Greenfield Times h as Hillcrest Dr 45047

Caldwell Gussie H 0 h 640 Jefferson 4426R

Calhoun John 1 trk dr r ws Foraker

Calvert Anna r 2385 Washington 4314R

Calvin Brian H (Ethel) 0 h Taylor 4338Y

Cameron Berlye E (Kath) 0 emp US Shoe h 738 Carford Pike 4692B

Cameron Delle M (wid F A) 0 h 771 Jefferson 4115R

Cameron F A Implement Co (F P Cameron) 210 Jefferson 4211

Cameron F Paul (Evelyn F) 1 0 (F A Cameron Impl Co) h 657 5 Washington 4452K

Cameron Mary Ellen emp US Shoe r 738 Carford Pike 4692B

Cameron Ray (Lois) 3 appraisee r 322 Lyndon 4294K

Cameron Sue emp A&P Store r 738 Carford Pike 4692B

Campbell Albert B (Mary) 4 emp Ferno Mfg h 638 South 4374K

Campbell Calvin F (Juanita) 3 0 teller Peoples Natl Bk h 335 N 5th 436X

Campbell Iva (wid T F) h 338 N Washington 4417R

Campbell Laura (wid Claude) r 133 Smith 4279R

Campbell Mary (Mrs,A B) fcty nurse r 638 South 4374K

Campbell Rozella A (wid H C) emp US Shoe h 151 Mirabeau 4381Y

Cannon Donald E (Anna L) 5 fcty Am Pad & Tex h 676 Lyndon

Cannon Jos D (Genevieve) 5 h 433 Evans

Canter Alma r 431 Mill 4607Y

Canter Edith h 431 Mill 4607Y

Canter Roy (Ethel) 0 h us Hillcrest Dr

Caplinger Chas A 0 h 728 Carford Pike

Caplinger Evelyn T h 402 N Washington 4472B

Caplinger Gene P (Helen) 2 0 pres C&W Mtr Sls h 646 North 4288Y

Caphinger Lester (Betty) 1 0 clk Wilson’s Hdw h us Ford

Carey Eliz (Mrs HA) tchr Elem Sch r 647 North 4325Y

Carey Herb A (Elk) 1 0 fed crop ins agt h 647 North 4325Y

Carey Nancy E (wid Elmer) 0 h 211 Mirabeau 4450B

Carey Viola I h 442 Olive 4143K

Carl Berneva Mrs 1 emp Shuler’s Restr h 410 N 6th

Carle Lee Roy (V Evelyn) h 634½ Mirabeau

Carle Leroy (Eva) 0 emp Am Pad & Tex h 225 McClain 4329B

Carle Robt E (Dora M) 7 0 loader Armco h 716 N 5th

Carman Bessle A (wid Wilbur) alterations Johnson Quality Clurs h 347 Lafayette 4430R

Carman Charlotte 3 ofc Am Pad & Tex r 721 Blame 4354R Carman Evelyn r 721 Blame 4354R

Carman Robt 0 (Irma D) 1 millwright GMC h 333 Lafayette

Carmean Wm D (Barbara) 3 emp Am Pad & Tex h 702 Blame

Caron L A (Rose) 1 (H) h 838 Spring

Carpenter Russell F (Margt M) 1 h 234¼ Jefferson 4150Y

Carpenter Russell F Jr farm wkr r 234½ Jefferson 4150Y

Carper Lora r 238 S Washington 4314R

Can Eug (Betty) 4 (H) lab h Taylor

Can Everett E (Mabel C) (H) h 915 Lafayette 4109Y

Canoll Bruce meat dept Uhi Bros res Sabina 0

Canoll Robt E 3 slsmn Cussins & Fearn h 840 South

Carson Marcus L (Fannie) (H) sin eng McClain HS h 433 North 4326B

Carson Mary E Mrs h 65052nd 4296Y

Carson Rlchd E carp r 65052nd 4296Y

Carson Robt E (Juanita) 2 (H) carp Village Water & Light Dept h 648 Dickey 4633

Carter Amie Mrs nurse Municipal Hosp res Lyndon 0

Carter Betty J wtrs Bert & Ed’s h 215¼ Jefferson

Carter Cecil B (Ercie) h ws Foraker

Carter Chas A (Eleanor M) 1 ® lab Blue Rock h 1042 North

Carter Chas E (Ethel 0)3 (H) crane opr h 527 Edgewood

Cartwright Dora (wid Ora) h 227½ Pine

Case Chas (Jennie) (H) h 634 South 4497K

Case Geo W (Ellz) (H) emp Am Pad & Tex h 748 Mirabeau

Case Jane emp US Shoe r 748 Mirabeau

Case Kenneth (Virginia) 1 (H) ofc h 565 Edgewood 4695K

Casey Wilder (H) h 839 N 4th

Castle Phellis (Betty) 1 lab Ii 529 Pine

Castle Woodrow D (Thelma M) 3 clk Fashion Furn Co h 428 Mfrabeau

Chaffin P W (Maggie) (H) h 427 McClain 465411

Chain Janice L student r 1015 Mirabeau

Chain Violet (wid Donald) 4 ® h 1015 Mirabeau

Chain Walter N custdn Eagles Hall r 1015 Mirabeau

Chamblin Clifton (Charlotte C) 2 (H) compositor Greenfield Ptg & Publg h 448 Mill

Chamblin Floyd (Elsie) 1 (H) emp Blue Rock h 341 Oak

Chaney Glenn E (Elk S) 1 (H) dr Coca-Cola h 308 Edgewood

Chaney Roger E (Geraldine L) ® limo opr Greenfield Ptg & Publg h 539 Edgewood 4605Y

Chapman Chas W (Pauline I) 2 mech h 2205 Washington 4443K

Chapman D Muriel (H) nurse h 437 Pine

Chapman Karl L (Grace) @ emp US Shoe h 215 McClain 4329Y

Charles Dane W accnt r 107 S 7th 4230

Charles Forrest R (Mary I) (Pure Oil Serv Sta) h 107 5 7th 4230

Charles Kenneth L (Margie) 4 (H) gas & dstbtr 333 N 7th 4106 h same 4106

Charles Mary J (Mrs F R) cik Orlando’s Dept Store r 107 5 7th 4230

Charm House Beauty Shop (Mrs Brook Hike) 640 McClain 4638

Chatfield Flowers & Greenhouse (Mrs Rose Mary Chatfield) 118 Mirabeau 4482R

Chatfield James (Rose Mary) 2 ® compositor Greenfield Ptg & Publg h 118 Mirabeau 4482R

Chatfield Rose Mary (Mrs James) (Chatfield Flowers & Greenhse) r 118 Mirabeau 4482R

Cheek Nellie B r 628 Jefferson 4290Y

Chenoweth John C (Daisy) ® emp Veterans Hosp h 382 Lyndon 4360Y

Cherryholmes All E (Minnie) h 237 McClain

Cherryholmes Gay r 237 McClmn

Childs Rlchd B (Ola) 1 (H) die mkr Am Pad & Tex h ss Blame 4447B

Chrisman Carl F (Austa) (H) emp C W Thompson & Co h 855 McClain 4184B

Chrisman Clarence r 238S Washington 4314R

Christ Gospel Mission Orville Davidson pastor 674 Lyndon

Christian Holiness Church The 209 Jefferson

Christian Baptist Church F E Veach pastor 221 10th

Church of Christ 955 Jefferson 4777

Church of Christ Christian Union Gerald Beekman pastor 501 McClain

Church of the Nazarene D W Nichols pastor 501 Dickey

City Cab (J R Rose) 324(r) Jefferson 447 & 463

Clark Chas B r Harper Hotel 4322

Clark Dammon r 718 N 5th

Clark Evelyn emp US Shoe r 718 N 5th

Clark Hobart W (Mary) (H) emp US Shoe h 744 Blame

Clark Menick F (Elvelyn) 3 ® emp Armco h 718 N 5th

Clark Rose C nurse Veterans Hosp r 330 N Washington 4121

Classic Beauty Salon (Mrs Dorothy Kinnison) 222 5 Washington 4482

Clay Alma wtrs Davis Restr h 622 Baltimore 4382Y

Clay Esta Mrs 2 ® h 544 Baltimore

Clay Frank L (Genevieve) fcty h 682 Lafayette

Clay W Chas (Shirley) 1 (H) city policemn h 1005 McClain 4836K

Clayton E S (Elsie) (H) slsmn h 120 South 4276K

Clemens Josie L (wid Dave) h 333 North

Clifford Raymond (Nellie) 4 glass ctr Waddell Co h 639 5 2nd 446Th

Clouser Carse L (Effie) 2 (H) emp Am Pad & Tex h 349 Ludlow

Clouser Cath (Mrs C F Jr) opr Ohio Consol Tel r 119 Lafayette

Clouser Chas F (Rosa C) (H) junk dlr 1013(r) McClain h 1013 Same 4636X

Clouser Chas F Jr (Cath) custdn P0 h 119 Lafayette

Clouser Herman Jr (Elsie C) 2 (H) auto wrkg 1015 (1265) Lafayette h same 4643B

Clouser Jess J (Frances N) h 147 Jefferson 4412R

Clouser Lloyd E (Janet E) compositor Greenfield Ptg & Publg h RD 1

Clouser Max H (Nettie) 1 emp US Shoe h 1025 McClain

Club 28 (Mrs Beulah Coleman) tavern 1007 Jefferson 4268

Cluff Bertha dispr City Cab r 706 Lafayette

Clyburn Chas W (Ruth E) 2 (H) sls dept Greenfield Ptg & Publg h 547 McClain 4403K

Clyburn Della Mrs (H) h 464 Dickey 4291B

Clyburn Denver (Dorothy C) bartndr Bert & Ed’s h 217½ Jefferson

Clyburn Esther C (Mrs Floyd) clk Wilknit Hosiery r 332 Lyndon 4171K

Clyburn Floyd (Esther C) ® farmer h 332 Lyndon 4171K

Clyburn Herbert R (Edna) ® emp Am Pad & Tex h 816 Lafayette 4405Y

Clyburn James 0 (Ella) ® h 421 Dickey

Clyburn Margt Mrs 1 serv asst Ohio Consol Tel h 428 N 5th

Clyburn Ralph L (Stelia) ® (Murray’s Funeral Home) h 380 Jefferson 4380R

Clyburn Ruth (Mrs C W) bkpr Dillon Chevrolet r 547 McClain 4403K

Coburn Norma P (wid Kelly) h 418 N Washington 4281B

Cochran Ambrose h 222 Summerfield

Cochran Glenn W (Mary) h 637 5 2nd 4467Y

Cochran Terry E r 637S2nd 4467Y

Cochran Wm A (Helen) 1 ® emp Tel Co h 637 5 2nd 4467Y

Cockerill Agnes W (wid C M) h 644 Jefferson 4389B

Cockerill Bertha J (wid Elmer) ® h 444 North 4398R

Cockerill Mayme Mrs (H) h 511 N Washington 4425Y

Coconaugher Ellwood L (Louclla) 2 dr Blue Rock h 420 North

Coconaugher Herman (Garnet) ® trk dr h 437 Olive

Coconaugher Jay R (Dot) 5 (H) mach opr Armco h ws Milburn

Coconaugher Mazie r 830 Jefferson 4323R

Coder Chas (Juanita) 1 emp Wilmington AFB h 410 N 6th

Coder Floy h 528 N 5th

Coder Vaughn r 528 5th

Coe Robt E (Ethel) (H) emp B&O RH h es Taylor

Coffey Wm L (Thelma) 2 (H) carrier P0 h 453 North 4231B

Coffey Thelma (Mrs W L) tchr Elem Sch r 453 North 4231B

Cogan Shelby (Denelda) emp US Shoe h 702 Lafayette

Cohen Chas (H) junk dir 125 Smith 4237 h same 4237

Cole Thos E (Barbara) 2 hlpr Harewood Decorative Sent h 715 Lafayette

Coleman Beulah B (Mrs T A) (Club 28) r RD 3

Coleman Chas E (Susie L) 4 ® custdn Elk’s Lodge h 806 N 4th 4392K

Coleman Donald L USA r 808 N 4th 4392K

Coleman Evelyn M r 806 N 4th 4392K

Coleman Gene H student r 806 N 4th 4392K

Coleman Glen W student r 806 N 4th 4392K

Coleman Goldie h 1001 McClain

Coler Geo (Nell) (H) mt dec h 1018 Grandvicw 473

Collett Cora r 613 South 4448Y

Collier E I (Gertrude) (H) h 628 Lafayette 4268K

Collier James M (Elsie M) ® h 561 Spring

Collins Ab (Ada) (H) (Collins & Son Pkg Co) h 317 N Washington 4453B

Collins James W (Maxine) 3 (H) (Collins & Son Pkg Co) h 690 5 Washington 4495B

Collins John R (Janet) (Collins & Son Pkg Co) res Sabina 0

Collins & Son Packing Co (Ab, J W & J H Collins) 6105 2nd 433

Combs Bascom (Hazel) 3 mach opr Pennington’s h 628½ 5 Washington

Comeans Frank (Marie) emp US Shoe h 214 Lafayette 4256R

Community Greenhouse (B L Kay & H L Washington) 2105 Washington 430

Compton Chas (Mabel) 3 custdn McClain HS h 657 Mirabeau 43 18K

Compton G C (Ollie) (H) h 467 McKell 4444Y

Compton Wanda L clk Gossett Co r 657 Mirabeau 4318K

Conkel Forrest E (Rosalie 0) 4 emp US Shoe h 125 5 10th

Conkel John Wm (Betty) appr h 744 Blame 4378R

Conkel Stanley carryout Uhl Bros r 125 10th

Conklin Douglas B (Roselle) 5(H) recorder Armco h 748 Blame 4354Y

Conley Herbert J (Doris L) 2 linemn Village Water & Lt r 558 Jefferson 4290R

Conner James P (Mildred 5) 2 agt Sitterle’s Ins Sent h Apt 1 345 North 4618X

Conner Mildred S (Mrs J P) clk Religious Book Shop r Apt 1 345 North 4618X

Corners Agnes r 511 N Washington 4425Y

Connor Edith M (H) h 444 Jefferson 4357K

Connor Margt tchr Elem Sch r 444 Jefferson 4357K

Cook C Jay (Cordelli) ® pastor Primitive Bapt Ch h 549 N 5th 4716X

Cook Frances S Mrs ofc Greenfield Ptg & Publg & cash Rand Theatre 138 5 Washington 4315R

Cook Leon (Marjean) pastor Pilgrim Holiness Ch res Leesburg 0

COOK OLLIE D MRS ® village cik h 232 Mlrabeau 4709

Cook Pearl (Lillie) ® h 603 Spring 4371K

Cook H N carp h 448 South 4413K

Cook Theo (Mary H) ~H) emp US Shoe h 825 N 5th 4458K

Cook Wayne E 2 ® cik P0 h 658 North 4677B

Cookenour Betty J Mrs 2 h 614½ Jefferson

Coonrod James M (Margt) 1 h Apt 4 303 1st

Cooper Chas r 233 Pine 4328

Cooper Esther L r 450 North 4385R

Cooper Lucy r 238 S Washington 4314R

Cooper Lydia Mrs 1 emp US Shoe r 228 Pine 4372K

Cooper Myrtle h 228 Pine 4372K

Cooper Opal (Mrs Randolph) asst mgr Harper Hotel r same 4322

Cooper Randolph (Opal) 1 (H) (Harper Hotel) agt Bus Depot h same 4322

Cooper Roger L (Darlene D) 1 H) ste slsmn Guernsey Dairy h 645 Spring 4243X

Cooper Ruth emp Huntington Natl Bk r 228 Pine 4372K

Cope Colette G maid 916 Jefferson 4289

Cope Thos L (Cora E) (H) h 124 Lafayette

Cope Thos L Jr r 124 Lafayette

Cope Virginia L Mrs 1 (H) emp Am Pad & Tex h 140 Mirabeau

Copeland fra E (Mildred M) ® mach opr Am Pad & Tex h 523 N 4th 4429K

Cordes Eileen opr Ohio Consol Tel h 122½ N Washington

Coriell Mildred Mrs 1 emp US Shoe h 410 N 6th

Coriell Sam R (Audrey) (H) formn Am Pad & Tex h 132 Paint 4655R

Corner Rexall Drug (W E Seilkop) 259 Jefferson 4190

Cory-Patterson Manufacturing Co (W B Shimp) 229(r) Jefferson 4635

Cottrell Chas C r ws Foraker

Cottrell John W (Violet) 5 h ss Ford

Cottreli Rilils (Dorothy M) 3 constn h ws Foraker

Cottrell Rillis Jr r ws Foraker

Counter Wm R (Marjorie) 2 ® optom 344 Jefferson 438 h 734 same 4192

Countryman A M r 525 Pine

Countryman Fay L (Lillian) 6 (H) crane opr h 204(r) Oak

Cowgill Daisy Mrs 1 h 1053 South

Cowgill Donna Lou clk Village Water & Lt res Hilisboro 0 RI) 1

Cowgill Frank (Grace) ® (Cowgill’s Grill) h Apt 2 303 1st 4601

Cowgill Grace (Mrs Frank) (Cowgill’s Grill) r Apt 2 303 1st 4601

Cowgrn Manin r 1053 South

Cowgili’s Grill (Frank & Mrs Grace Cowgill) 303 5 1st 4601

Cowman Bertha Mrs ® h 529 McClain             V

Cowman Eug E (Mildred) 1 ® farmer h 811 5 7th 4234X

Cowman Gaylord h 228 N 1st

Cowman James H (Frances) (H) mech h 423 Edgewood

Cowman Jos E (Ada B) (H) h 750 Jefferson 4737Y

Cowman Lowery (Margt) 11 plbr Roger Donahue h 1005 South

Cowman Patricia r 1005 South

Cowman Tossie ® h 322 Lyndon 4294K

Cowman Wm emp Diamond Grill r 228 1st

Cowman Wm H (Marda) ® farmer h 751 W Jefferson 4189B

Cox Alta emp US Shoe r 610 Dickey

Cox Bertha H Mrs 2 ® emp Am Pad & Tex h es S 2nd RD 2

Cox Chas J (Ida C) h 424 Spring 4654B

Cox Donald (Alice) compositor Greenfield Times res E Monroe 0

Cox Howard (Florence) ® emp B&O RH h 734 Mirabeau 4249B

Cox James H (Maxine) 2 (H) h 1032 Lafayette 4701R

Cox Noah M (Alta J) 2 constn h 438 McClain

Cox Rlchd (Thelma) stereo Greenfield Times res E Monroe 0

Cox Wm h 556 Baltimore 4311R

Coyner Ella H (wid Fay) h 223 N 4th 4373B

Crabtree Frank N (Margt) 2 (H) h 766 Spring 4641Y

Crabtree Freda (Mrs J C) clk Corner Rexall Drug r 226 N 2nd 4203K

Crabtree James Cant (Freda) 2 (H) clk Dayton Pr & Lt Co h 226 N 2nd 4203K

CRAFT ARLIE N (Thelma 0) 1 (H) (Dairy Queen) ctr US Shoe & pree Greenfield Chamber of Commerce h 703 SprIng 4243B

Crago Ivy Mrs r 338 N Washington 4417R

Crago Ruth D (Mrs Paul) slswn Bays Variety Store res Frankfort 0

Craig Luellen (wid James) (H~ h 331 Ludlow

Crawford Cora B r 519 Mirabeau 4232B

Crawford Frank E (H) h 519 Mirabeau 4232B

Creamer Edith (wid Chas) 0 h 438 N 5th 4652K

Creek John (H~ h 143 Lafayette 4491R

Crissman Helen H 0 traffic mgr Am Pad & Tex h 227 5 4th 4210Y

Cropper Faye P Mrs emp Am Pad & Tex r 412½ Jefferson 4690

Cropper Lowell G (Mary) 3 (H) eng Village Fire Dept h 404C 4609Y

Crosley Alice J (wid W D) (H) tchr MeClain HS h 507 South 4666

Crosley Jackson USA r 507 South 4668

Cross Bernard A student r 720 North 4473B

Cross Bros Marathon Service (C E & C E Cross) 403 Jefferson 41323

Cross Chas (Wanda) 1 h 425 Olive

Cross Chas E (Goldie M) (H) (Cross Bros Marathon Serv) h 685 Lyndon 43823

Cross Clarence E (Ada M) 1 (H) (Cross Bros Marathon Sent) h 859 Lyndon

Cross Dixie Lee student r 720 North 4473B

Cross Eliz (Mrs R L) chkr Uhi Bros r 221 Edgewood 4729K

Cross Geneva G Mrs 2 (H) emp US Shoe h 72(~ North 4473B

Cross Jos E (Patricia) 2 (H) emp DT&L 33 h 725 McClain·

Cross Raymond L (Eliz) 1 (H) fnshr rm US Shoe h 221 Edgewood 4729K

Crothers Russell L (Juanita) 2 h 633 5 2nd 4296R

Crowe Eli (wid F P) h 208½ 5 Washington 4410R

Crowe Jos L (Glenna) 4 ® policemn h 106 Paint

Crusie Clyde W (Eursilla) (H) emp US Shoe h 424 Mill 46073

Crusie James M (Beulah J) 3 h 229 MeClain 4229X

Crusie Robt F (Marian E) 1 0 tex wkr Am Pad & Tex h 749 McClain 4602Y

Crutihers Russ M (Gladys) 3 (H) h ns Rt 3 City

Cryder Mary A tchr h 1365 Washington

Cubbage F Eug (Minnie J) multigraph opr Wilknit Hosiery h 228 S Washington 441GB

Cubbage Minnie J (Mrs F E) sls correspondent Wilknit Hosiery r 226 S Washington 4410B

Cunningham Arth L (Ruby) 1 0 emp Am Pad & Tex h 333 Massie

Cunningham Hazel Mrs emp US Shoe h 915 South

Cunningham J Ernest (Mary) 2 mach F A Cameron Impl h 324S 2nd

Curren Conrad A (Jane K) 2 student r 767 Jefferson 42463

Curren Martin H (Ruth W) elk Wolfe’s Gro h 2-C Pike Apts 43583

Curren Ruth W (Mrs M H) (Wolfe’s Gro) r 2-C Pike Apts 43583

Curren Walter P (Louise A) 0 tax sent 321½ Jefferson 4437 h 724 Jefferson 414~Y

Current Arth D (Barbara J) h 121 North

Current Barbara J (Mrs A D) typist Wilknit Hosiery r 121 North

Curry B W (Gladys M) 3 mgr Sears Roebuck & Co h 404 Lyndon 42828

Curry Clara hsekpr 810 South

Curry Dora (wid John) (H) h 133 Smith 4279R

Curry J Emerson (Nancy) linemn Village Water & Lt h 533 Edgewood

Curtis Simeon (Verna) 6 trkr h 604 Dickey

Cusains & Fearn Co P L Roark mgr hdw 222 Jefferson 467

Cut & Curl Shop (Mrs Martha J Gregg) 116½ N 4th 418

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DAIRY QUEEN (Arlie H & Mrs Thelma G Craft) 329 N Washington 41787

Daley Geo K (Jeannette K) 1 ® slsmn Central Gro Co Wash CH h 125 N 8th Q614R

Daley Jeanette K (Mrs G K) opr Ohio Consolidated Tel r 125 N 8th Q614R

Daley Julia Mrs r 839 Spring 0,401X  

Dame Eldon C mgr Famous Store r 215 Mirabeau Q363B

Daniels Albert L (Erma 0) ® pres Fidelity Bldg & Loan Co & v-pres Peoples Natl Bk h 1006 Jefferson 0,427

Daniels Brothers Cigar Store (P G & E A Daniels) 245 Jefferson 0.397

Daniels Ernest A (Laura M) (Daniels Bros Cigar Store) h RD 2 0,307 

Daniels J Franklin (Helen I) ® h 628 Pine Q439Y

Daniels Jane B Mrs ® h 113 Jefferson 0.347

Daniels John T (Eliz) 2 farmer h 705 Jefferson 0,465X 

Daniels Lottie (wid John) ® h 405 Edgewood

Daniels Pearl G (Marie P) ® (Daniels Bros Cigar Store) h 611 Lafayette 0,746

Daugherty Chas B (Clara) ® emp Village h 123 Paint

Daugherty Ed A (Nancy) 2 fcty h 134 Smith 0,279K

Daugherty Ella ® h 749 Blaine

Daugherty Eursa V (Annabel) 1 ® lbr inspr h 214 Edgewood 0,644X

Daughtery Fred USN r 776 8th

Daugherty Herman I (Eileen) 4 butcher Collins & Son Pkg h 127 Paint

Daugherty Michell H (Mary L) 4 h 1065 North

Daugherty Paul E (Mildred M) 6 ® stk dr Blue Rock h 718 N 4th

Daugherty Stanley H (011ie) ® h 430 C

Daugherty Wm (Sylvia) r 334 S 2nd 0,276R

Davenport S Glenn (Helen) 1 formn US Shoe h 208 Spring 0,287B

Davidson Willard F (Ora) ® h 138 North

Davis Chas r 412 Pine 0.428R

Davis Chas H ® genl contr h 614 Jefferson 0.196

Davis Chas R (Lucy Mae) (Davis Pontiac Buick Co) h RD 1

Davis Chas W ® asso Davis Pontiac Buick h 1008 N Washington 0,297B

Davis David H (Mary M) h 334 S 5th 0,185B

Davis Donald 0 (Barbara F) 1 mgr Bays Variety Store h 739 Lafayette

Davis Eunice (wid J E) QQ h 334 South Q103B

Davis Eva L emp US Shoe h 151 M

Davis Gordon carryout Uhl Bros r 334 South 0,103B

Davis Helen M (Greenfield Beauty Shop) r 426 South Q413R

Davis Hugh (Lillie B) USA r 827 Nellie Q199R

Davis Irene (wid Paul) 6 ® h 138 N 6th 0,752B

Davis James E (Bonnie 0) meat ctr Kroger's res South Salem 0 

Davis  James F (Adeline) 2 ® h 141 North Q632B

Davis John E (Margt) 2 ® auto pts mgr h 430 N Washington 0,261K

Davis Myrtle K (wid C E) ® h 412 Pine Q428R

Davis Nannie emp US Shoe r 640 Jefferson Q426R

Davis Pontiac Buick Co (C R Davis) 325 Midway 0.108 

Davis Restaurant (Mrs Sara M Davis) 324 Jefferson 0.682 

Davis Richd J 2 prsmn r 334 South 0,103B

Davis Robt H (N Jean) 2 ® emp US Shoe h 557 McClain Q309Y

Davis Sara M (wid Thos) 1 (Davis Restr) h 425 Jefferson

Davis Stuart carryout Uhl Bros r 334 South 0,103B

Davis Wm (Geneva) emp US Shoe h 1D Pike Apts Q356B

Davis Wm E (Clara) ® tchr McClain HS h 227 N Washington 0,32 

Dawes Dale R (Phyllis) 2 ® ptr Wilknit Hosiery h 825 South Q647Y

Dawes Delbert W (Omalee) 4 ® mgr Greenfield Lbr Co h 319 Lafayette 0,264R

Dawson John L (Margene G) 4 fcty Am Pad & Tex h 509 S 2nd Day Earl C (Kath) 1 ptsmn h 709 Spring 0,177K

Dayton Power & Light Co R W Head supvr 116 N Washington 0,393

Deafner H Ray (Nelle) h 1C Pike Apts 4344Y

DeBartolo Frank L (Iona) 4 emp USA Eng h 729 McCain 4764

DeBoard Chas (Becky) Q plbr h 1050% Mirabeau Q456X 

DeBoard Willis plbr r 1050% Mirabeau 4456X

Deckard Chester emp Am Pad & Tex r 418 C

Deckard Walter (Ocie) QQ emp Am Pad & Tex h 441 McClain Q350R 

DeFosse Joe E (Mildred) 1 ctr US Shoe h 711 Mirabeau 4267B 

DeHaas Anna M (wid Dallas) QQ h 116 S 4th 4140B 

DeHaas Hugh (Tacey) 2 Q sch bus dr h 803 Spring 4645K 

Dehart Earl H (Mary W) Q (Greenfield Cab Co) h 453 Spring 4371Y 

Dehart Mary W (Mrs E H) dispr Greenfield Cab Co r 453 Spring 4371Y 

Denako Mike (Eliz B) 2 emp Greenfield Times h 939 Mirabeau 4,707B 

Dent Harold D (Virginia) 6 emp PO h 103 Lafayette Q491B 

Depoy Glenn (Cath) QQ sery sta atndt h 1031 McClain 

Depoy James (Norma) bkpr Welfare Finan h 831 Mirabeau 

Depoy Norma (Mrs James) clk Wilknit Hosiery r 831 Mirabeau 

Depoy Orpha (wid Frank) Q h 612 McClain Q624X

Dermody Chas J (Barbara) Q emp Am Pad & Tex h 526 S Washington 4.444B

Derr Geo S (Estella G) Q emp US Shoe h 721 (731) Spring 4177Y 

Devitt R W (Agnes) Q h 824 Lafayette 4753B

DeVoss Lee W ® h 106 Mirabeau 422

DeWitt Harry atndt Shad's Sery Sta res Frankfort 0 

DeWitt Harry (Mae) Q slsmn h 647 South Q148R

Diamond Grill (James Slaughter) 246 Jefferson 49002 

Dickess Anna Mrs r 518 N Washington 4261X

Dietrich Cath (wid Edw) h 657 Pine

Dietrich Donald (Helen) 3 emp US Shoe h 103 Jefferson 4705Y 

Dietrich Elmer E (Opal) Q ctr US Shoe h 504 Dickey 4235B

Dietrich Helen (Mrs Donald) opr Ohio Consol Tel r 103 Jefferson 4705Y

Dietrich Wm E USMC r 504 Dickey 4235B

Diggs C 0 (Bess L) Q farm mgr h 111 South 4391K

Dilley Robt L (Carol) h 702% Blaine

Dillon Chevrolet (J B & E E Dillon) 1020 Jefferson 4105

Dillon Emery E (Verna) 3 Q (Dillon Chevrolet) h 613 Lyndon Q221R

Dillon Jos B (Helen) Q (Dillon Chevrolet) village councilmn h 728 N Washington 4,120

Dillon Norma student r 728 N Washington 4120

Dixon Chas (Marjorie) rte slsmn Guernsey Dairy h RD 3 

Dixon Richd h 704 Mirabeau 4461R

Doan Glenn B (Ruth E) 6 Q phys 309 Jefferson 4253 h 305 S Washington 4.253Y

Dobbs Jos M (Anna) Q emp US Shoe h 520 Dickey 4499K 

Doc's Place (L W Heaton) 202 S Washington Q443R

Doles Foster A (Grace E) carp B&O RR h 525 Dickey 4,479K 

Doles Virginia E emp US Shoe r 525 Dickey 4479K

Donnells Ethel (Mrs G A) bkpr Welfare Finan r 618 S Washington Q698

Donnells Geo A (Ethel L) Q prod mgr Eavey's Super Mkt & village councilmn h 618 S Washington Q698

DONNELLS JOHN E (Greenfield Cred Bur) r 618 S Washington 4698

Donohoe Roger R (Lucile R) Q plbr h 210 S 4th 4369R 

Dorman Chas R (Patricia) Q stk tracer h 1001 W North Doster Gertrude P (wid C L) Q h 651 North 4724

Douglas Magdalene emp US Shoe r 408 Jefferson 4182X 

Douglas Robt (Anna L) 2 Q emp Am Shoe h ws S 5th 4619B

Douglass Cleo (Mrs R H) opr Classic Beauty Salon r ss Hillcrest Dr 4760

Douglass Margt Mrs emp US Shoe h 408 Jefferson  

Douglass Raynerd H (Cleo) ® plbr h ss Hillcrest Dr 0760

Dowler Hubert 0 (Helen) 3 ® dr Farm Bur h 149 Mirabeau

Downs Vada L ® h 958 Jefferson 0639

Doyle Mary J (wid F H) ® h 434 Jefferson 0140R

Doyle Thos W (Lucile) 2 ® pupil personnel supt McClain HS h 546 Mirabeau 0290B

Drummond June tchr Elem Sch r RD 2

Drummond Mabel tchr McClain HS res Lyndon 0 05577 

Duckworth Benton R (Carrie L) ® farmer h 719 Jefferson 056

Duff D T (Sue) clk h 536 Mirabeau 0216X

Duff Ruth D (wid Vernon) ® nurse Municipal Hosp h 430 N 4th 0411R

Duff Sue P (Mrs D T) recpt Greenfield Ptg & Publg r 536 Mirabeau 0216X

Duffield Jos R (Flossie N) ® drftsmn Waddell Co h 118 S 4th 0131R

Duffield Mary E ® bkpr Orlando's Dept Store h 238 5 7th 0383R

Duncan John A (Sarah C) ® st claims investigator h 405 North 066R

Duncan Sarah C (Mrs J A) atty 303'/z Jefferson 066 r 405 North 0668

Duncanson Carrie emp Ohio Consol Tel h 640 Jefferson 0386R

Dunlap Bill (Romie) 3 ® h 564 Dickey 0186R

Dunlap Walter H (Della) ® h 215 N Washington 0367R 

Dunn Alice V emp Am Pad & Tex r 442 Evans 0340Y 

Dwyer John H (Bertha) ® h 355 Mirabeau 0,107

Dwyer Stanley G (Mary S) ® lab h 651 Jefferson 0225Y 

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Eagles Hall 132½ N Washington 0384

East Sara R (Mrs W E) opr Ohio Consol Tel r 551 Pine 0441B

East Wm E (Sara R) 2 ® lino opr Greenfield Ptg & Publg h 551 Pine 0441B

Easter Delmas (Ruth Ann) 1 reprmn Hamilton Elec & firemn h 114 South 0238Y 

Easter Lula W (wid Edw) ® h 418 S 4th

Easter Norman (Pauline) 4 ® electn Greenfield Grain & Hay h ss Blaine 0493X 

Easter Richd L meat dept Uhl Bros r RD 3 

Eavey's Super Market Pete Parales mgr 342 Jefferson 0725

Eckard Leroy (Haddie) fdry r 519 Lyndon 0440Y 

Edmondson Clara (wid E E) r 106 Mirabeau 022 

Edmondson Louise (wid Ellis) r 226 Mirabeau 

Edmondson Scottie L (wid H 0) ® h 307 North 0375R 

Edwards Beckey (wid Geo) h 339 Massie 

Edwards Chas (Minnie) ® h 322 1st 0772

Edwards Emily H (wid G H) ® h 226 S Washington 0410B

Edwards Floyd (Hazel L) emp Am Pad & Tex r 322 1st 0772

Edwards Gladys r 339 Massie

Edwards Harlan (Bessie V) emp US Shoe h 1035 North 0701Y

Edwards Harry B (Irene) 1 ® gro h 839 N 5th 

Edwards Richd H (Freda) 2 ® US Shoe h 969 North 

Egan Tom J r 627 Lafayette 0265

Elberfeld Bakery (R J Elberfeld) 135 S Washington 

Elberfeld Carl R (Maxine) 2 ® mach h 418 Dickey 0345B

Elberfeld Raymond J (Ethel) (Elberfeld Bkry) res Ross Co 0

Eley Carolyn A (Mrs G G) cash Welfare Finan r 657 North

Eley G Gene (Carolyn A) 1 sign pntr h 657 North 

Ellington J D (Sara D) 3 ® farmer h 429 N 4th 

Ellington John mach opr r 429 N 4th

Elliott Arnold E (Judy E) mach opr Blue Rock h 436 Spring

Elliott Clarence L (Betty) 3 ® bodymn Smith Body Shop h 713 South

Elliott H Edw (Louise) ® (H W Elliott & Son) h 403 Dickey 0360B

Elliott H W & Son (H E Elliott) auto reprg 538 S Washington 0171R

Elliott Hannah Mrs 2 h 1050 Mirabeau

Elliott Hattie B (wid W B) r 527 South 0213Y

Elliott Helen tchr Elem Sch h 527 South 0213Y

Elliott Hotel (H F West) 139 S Washington 0113

Elliott Jerry atndt Lawrence George's Sery Sta r Harper Hotel 

Elliott Kenneth (Barbara) slsmn Cussins & Fearn h 119½ Mirabeau 

Elliott Mae r 238 S Washington 0314R

Elliott Maxine M r 419 S Washington

Elliott Mildred (Mrs Warden) opr Greenfield Beauty Shop r RD 3 05453 

Elliott Warden (Mildred) mech Dillon Chevrolet h RD 3 05453 

Ellis Harley G (Zella) Qx firemn US Shoe h 427 N Washington 0229Y 

Ellis Leroy E (Stella) Q carrier PO h 213 North

Ellis Lillian tchr Elem Sch res Leesburg 0

Ellis Roy v-pres Fidelity Bldg & Loan r 338 N Washington 0417R 

Ellison J A (Lucy) QQ h 431 N 6th 0477X

East Ellsworth (Louise) QQ dispr City Cab h 535 Pine 0496R 

Ely Betty J (Mrs W D) bkpr Kersey & Son r 832 McClain 0,768 

Ely John B (Stella M) Q h 357 Lafayette 0696Y

Ely Pearl I (Nellie) Q formn Waddell Co h 631 McClain

Ely Thos F r 631 McClain

Ely Wm D (Betty) mech Dillon Chevrolet h 833 McClain 0768

Emerick Clair S (Irene B) 5 pastor 1st Presbyn Ch h 441 Jefferson 0198 

Emery Alva R (Mary) QH tchr h 661 Jefferson 0484B

Ennis E Raymond (Henrietta R) HQ (Ennis Men's Shop) h 404 Olive 0193 

Ennis Henrietta R (Mrs E R) slswn 

Ennis Men's Shop r 404 Olive 0193 Ennis Men's Shop (E R Ennis) 315 Jefferson 0158Y

Erskine Carrie (wid Spec) r 333 S 2nd 0276Y

Ervin Maude R (wid Harley) Q h 322 North 0264B

Eselgroth John M (Cora) Q h 1032 North 0612K

Eubanks Alonzo (Hazel) Qe farmer h 618 Short Dickey 0360X 

Eubanks Raymond A (Vivian) 4 h 551 Lyndon

Eury Wm W (Mary M) 1 cement fnshr h 408 Edgewood

Everetts Fred r 1065 North

Everetts Lucille r 1065 North

Everetts Marie r 1065 North

Everetts Robt E r 1065 North

Everetts Sarah E r 1065 North

Everhart Agnes (wid Willard) h 1046 Lafayette 0613K

Everhart Dale E (Louisa B) 4 asst mgr 

Eavey's Super Mkt h 723 South Everhart Delbert P (Mary G) emp US Shoe h 634 S Washington 

Everhart Dwight (Darlene) 1 Q emp US Shoe h 331 Oak

Everhart Emery R (Betty) 3 Q emp US Shoe h 322 Oak

Everhart Evelyn r 778 South

Everhart Franklin (Norma) 1 atndt Lawrence George's Sery Sta h 427 Spring

Everhart James E (Melda) bodymn Dillon Chevrolet h RD 1

Everhart Merrick E (Wilma G) QQ dept mgr Wilknit Hosiery h 802 Mirabeau 0611X

Everhart Orville (Kathleen) 6 Q emp Greenfield Grain & Hay h 121 N 1st 

Everhart Wilma G (Mrs M E) clk Gossett Co r 802 Mirabeau 0611X 

Everhart Sannie (wid R H) 1 Q h 778 South

Everman Faris E (Gladys Y) 1 QQ emp Am Pad & Tex h 609 McKell 

Eubanks Raymond A (Vivian) 4 h 443 Spring  

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Fabin Mansfield (Geneva J) 3 4\x stk rm US Shoe h 207 Edgewood

Fagan James H (Florence W) 1 4\x elk Ashling's Hdw h 412 Dickey 291R 

Fairley Margery W r 418 South 11413Y

Fairley Paul D (Ruth C) Q pres Peoples Natl Bk h 349 Mirabeau 0,122 

Fairley Ruth C (Mrs P D) reg nurse Municipal Hasp r 349 Mirabeau ¢122

Fairley Ruth M ® h 657 Jefferson ¢115B

Famous Store Inc E C Dame mgr dept store 328 Jefferson ¢214B 

Farley Wm A (Betty) 1 emp Farm Bur h 203 S 2nd ¢482B

FASHION FURNITURE CO (Kenneth S Friedman) 260 Jefferson ¢65 

Faulconer Frank L (Jean) 1 0 fcty h 546 Dunlap La

Fayette County Farm Bureau Co-op G E Kelley mgr feed 520 S 2nd 41342 

Fazel Ira V (Charlene) 3 0 emp DT&I RR h 437 McClain ¢339Y 

Featherlin Fanny (wid Jess) h 157 Jefferson

Federbush Barbara aide Municipal Hosp r 563 Lyndon ¢442B 

Federbush Harry (Bertha) 3 genl mgr Candle-Lite h 563 Lyndon 41442B 

Felson Walter (Roslyn) 2 ® phys 357 South ¢728 h same ¢728 

FENNER GEO V (Rosemary) genl mgr Greenfield Times h RD 1 ¢5486 

Fent Addie Mrs 1 h 556 Baltimore

Fent Geo (Verneatha) 5 0 emp Am Pad & Tex h 326 1st

Fent Jerry L (Sharon Lou) asmblr Fern Mfg h 1016 McClain 

Fent Lenn A (Addie) ® lab h Taylor

Fenton Della (wid C E) h 2B Pike Apts ¢356Y

Ferdon Wilbert (Myrtle) carp h 645 Depot ¢452B

Ferguson Wm (Trixie F) 2 0 welt rm US Shoe h 595 Edgewood 

Ferneau Annie (wid Austin) 0 h 458 South ¢408R

Ferneau Danl W r 326 North 41204R

Ferneau Florence h 426 N Washington

Ferneau Kenneth T (Leona M) ® ofc mgr h 620 Jefferson 41290Y 

Ferneau Nellie (wid Milo) 0 h 215 Mirabeau 41363B

Ferneau R R 0 h 328 Lafayette 1474

Ferneau Rachel (wid Frank) h 527 Mirabeau

Ferneau Richd II (Shirley) pres Ferno Mfg Co res Washington CH 0

Ferno Manufacturing Co R H Ferneau pres & E E Bourgraf sec-treas mfrs of ambulance & mortuary equip 620 Pine 700

Fetherlin Wendell R (Irene W) 0 (Wendell's Barber Shop) h 344 Mirabeau ¢210R 

Fidelity Building & Loan Co A L Daniels pres, Roy Ellis v-pres & Mrs Marjorie F Johnson sec & treas 118 N Washington 60

Fields Bessie E ® nurse Walter Felson phys h 831 South 41250B 

Finch Edna (wid Reese) ® h 331 South ¢157R

First Baptist Church J B Williams pastor 125 N Washington ¢134Y 

First Church of God Stanley Hogue pastor 910 South

First Methodist Church R C Vandegriff pastor 403 South 41254K 

First Presbyterian Church C S Emerick pastor 457 Jefferson ¢53 

Fishback Grace (wid H M) ® h 138 N 4th 41405R

Fisher Dana (Louise) ® mech h 961 Mirabeau ¢707X

Fisher Louise (Mrs Dana) nurse Municipal Hosp r 961 Mirabeau ¢707X 

Fisher Milton r 961 Mirabeau 41707X

Fisher Otis (Dora) ® h 724 N Washington ¢301Y

Fisher Robt (Jean) 3 emp North Am h 456C ¢217B

Fitzpatrick Leona Qx h 704 Blaine

Fleming Mary (wid P J) ® h 923 Jefferson ¢119

Fletcher Jennie Mrs 1 r 729 Blaine ¢274K

Fligor Clarence (Ocie) ® h 712 Lafayette

Fligor Eug C (Juanita M) 2 0 inspr h ws S 2nd RD 2

Florea Chester A (Evelene E) 4 0 quarry wkr h 1006 North 

Florea Clara D (wid Chas) r 334 North ¢474R

Florea James W (Carol) 1 student r 733 Jefferson ¢465B

Flowers Maud (wid Roy) r 125 Jefferson

FLYNN DONALD P (Kathryn) 3 ® (Flynn Ins Agcy) accnt Philips Drug Bldg 042 h 220 Spring 042  

FLYNN INSURANCE AGENCY (Donald P Flynn) Philips Drug Bldg 042 Flynn J D & Sons (J D Flynn) gro 125 S Washington 014

Flynn John D (Hilda) 4 0 clk J D Flynn & Sons h 402 Lyndon 0358R 

Flynn Jos D (Anna L) %Q (J D Flynn & Sons) h 138 S 4th 0663 

Flynn Thos J (Marjorie) 2 ® (South St Mkt) h 942 Jefferson 0644K 

Foltz Geo USMC r 435 C

Foltz Saml R ® carp h 435 C

Foltz Seth USAF r 435 C

Ford Dan mech C&W Mtr Sls res Mt Sterling 0

Ford John h 627 S 2nd

Ford N Lavelle (Mary) 5 ® firemn Am Pad & Tex h 605 N 5th 0751 

Ford Nell (wid John) ® h 442 Evans 0340Y

Ford Roy L (Olive) 2 section hd DT&I RR h 910 Jefferson 0469Y 

Ford Wilbur (Myrtle M) 5 ® trk dr Greenfield Lbr Co h 423(r) Evans 

Fordyce Stanley (White Trans & Stge) r RD 2

Foster Minnie ® h 325 S 5th

Fox Clarence L (Lena) ® atty 410 Jefferson 0334Y h 320 McClain 0375Y 

Fox Fred (Florence W) barber Leaverton's Barber Shop h RD 1 0256Y 

Fox Geo L (Jane D) QQ chem Mobay Chem Co h 503 N Washington 0675 

Fox Jane D (Mrs G L) ofc sec Ferno Mfg r 503 N Washington 0675 

Frambes Ruth S (wid Willard) mach opr US Shoe r 409 N 4th 0220X

Fraternal Order of Eagles Paint Aerie No 1325 L L Bower sec 132% N Washington 0384

Free Carol Ann elk r 413 S Washington 0434B

Free Lulu (wid C H) ® h 413 S Washington 0434B

Freeze Clarence L (Rosa) h 965 Jefferson

Fremont Wm (Agnes) ® emp US Shoe h 340 N 4th 0327R

Friece Goldie B (wid W G) 0 h 969 Grandview 0610K  

FRIEDMAN KENNETH S (Addle) (Fashion Furn Co) res Chillicothe 0 

Frizzell Robt T (Marian) 2 ® farm opr h 233 S 2nd 0409R

Frost Chas E (Althea) ® h 603 Edgewood

Frost Lowell (Ethel) ® pntr h 974 North

Frost Sherley M (Leona M) trk dr Greenfield Lbr Co h 228 Summerfield 

Fugate Eug (Anna) 1 QQ emp US Shoe h 851 McClain 0727X 

Fugate Evelyn Mrs ® h 114 Jefferson 0381K

Fugate John L (Rhoda E) 1 QQ sidelaster US Shoe h 609 Edgewood

Fulkerson Gertrude Mrs h 438 McClain 0235

Fulkerson Henry sch bus dr r 637 Mirabeau 0426B

Fulkerson Henry A (Mildred H) ® mach opr Am Pad & Tex h 438 N 4th 0350Y 

Fulkerson J E (Ruth K) 1 ® prsmn Greenfield Ptg & Publg h 662 McClain 0608X

Fulkerson Ruth K (Mrs J E) bkpr Wilknit Hosiery r 662 McClain 0608X Fullerton Building 249% Jefferson

Fullerton Eliz h 515 South 0213R

Fultz Iris E (Mrs J A) asst sec Home Bldg & Loan Co r 518 Jefferson 0719 

Fultz James A (Iris E) ® stmftr h 518 Jefferson 0719

Fultz Wayne (Lila L) 3 ® ins slsmn h 526 Mirabeau 0208K 

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Gaib J Frank ® carp h 433 South 0377X

Gall Jenny (wid John) r 464 McKell

Gall Sarah C r 464 McKell

Gantz Frances (wid Ena) e® h 433 Evans 0458B

Garman R Sumner (Alma) ® emp US Shoe h 630 Lyndon 0351X 

Garringer Evelyn C emp Am Pad & Tex r 226 Mirabeau 0409K

Garringer James (Carol A) 2 ® lino Greenfield Ptg & Publg h 573 Edgewood 4\650K

Garrison Carl (Betty) 4 ® emp Blue Rock h 432 (420) McKell 

Garrison Harold E (Nancy) 2 ® trk dr Sinclair Ref g h 222 N 2nd Q466X 

Garrison Lillian M ® r 836 North

Garrison Pearl L ® h 836 North

Gates Geo (Gloria) 3 ptr h 702 Lafayette

Gates Marjorie elk United Dept Store h 424 Mill 41228X 

Gaul Everett (Flora M) ® elk Gossett Co h 448 Lyndon

Gayhardt James 0 (Helen) 2 formn US Shoe h 654 South 0.627X

Gayhardt John student r 654 South 0,627X

Geib Edw (Bert & Ed's) r Elliott Hotel 0,113

George Lawrence F (Mabel) 2 ® (Lawrence George's Sery Sta) h 743 McClain 0,602R

George's Lawrence Service Station (L F George) 140 N Washington 0.273B 

Gephart Fred U (Millicent R) 5 ® h 647 Short Dickey 

Gessner J Paul (Margt A) 2 ® slsmn Am Pad & Tex h 347 South 0,206 

Ghormley Geo 0 h 441 Lafayette 41430Y

Ghormley Greva Mrs elk Peoples Nall Bk r 412 Mirabeau Q369X 

Ghormley Nina cook Municipal Hosp r 441 Lafayette Q430Y 

Giddings Walter (Faye) ® h 639 Depot

Giffen Robt (Iva M) 2 washmn Dillon Chevrolet h 408 Olive 

Giffin Jennie G (wid F M) ® h 628 North 0.316R

Gill John W tchr McClain HS res Washington CH 0 

Gillespie Glenn (Ruth H) 1 USA h 440 McClain

Gillespie Ruth H (Mrs Glenn) mail elk Wilknit Hosiery r 440 McClain 

Gilliland Donald J prsmn Greenfield Ptg & Publg r RD 1

Githen Paul R (Aileen S) 4 ® stds eng Am Pad & Tex h 425 8th Q641R 

Glenn J B (Edna) ® phys h 227 South 4\155

Glenn Robt Mrs nurse Municipal Hosp r RD 2

Goddard Roy trk dr Greenfield Grain & Hay r RD 3 

Goddard Wylo trk dr Greenfield Grain & Hay r RD 3 0.5547 

Godfrey Chas R (Lorraine) 1 ® slsmn h 753 Spring Q645X 

Good Edna r 331 South Q157R

Good Luck Service (Mrs Sarah E Alexander) sery sta 111 North 0,304

Gordon Automotive Supply (M M Gordon) 219 Jefferson 0,78

Gordon Morris M (Rosanne F) ®Q (Gordons Automotive Sup) h 140 Jefferson Q381X

Gordon Robt V (Marian) 4 emp PO h 118 Lafayette Q488B 

Gordon Rosanne F (Mrs M M) elk Orlandos Dept Store r 140 Jefferson 0,381X

Gordon Sara (wid H L) 1 ® h 814 Mirabeau 4\611R

GORDON'S RECORD SHOP (Mrs Phyllis J Henness) 114 N 4th 0,270B

Gospel Lighthouse Church Roscoe Jones pastor 926 N 5th 

Gossett Co (T A Gossett) ofc sups 307 Jefferson 4\100

Gossett Franklin F (Becky J) bindery Greenfield Ptg & Publg h 532 Jefferson 0.420Y

Gossett Fred E (Betty W) 2 ® (Shad's Sery Sta) h 820 South 1'250R 

Gossett Ruth ® h 766 Mirabeau

Gossett Thad A (Jean H) 1 ® (Gossett Co) h 647 Lyndon 0,440K

Gossett Wallace tchr McClain HS r RD 1 4\295Y

Grabill Ralph (Nina) 1 ® carp h 935 Mirabeau

Gragg Naomi emp US Shoe r 405 Edgewood

Gragg Orley (Georgia K) (Greenfield Cab Co) h 157 Lafayette 

Grandstaff Elmer L (Margt) ® gas & oil dstbtr h 420 Edgewood Q613B 

Grate Edw T (Donna) ® gro 511 S 2nd h 504 same

Grate Fred J (Margt) ® sls rep h 526 Baltimore 0,455R

Grate John E (Betty) 1 emp North Am Aviation r 526 Baltimore Q455R

Grate Margt (Mrs F J) nurse Municipal Hosp r 526 Baltimore 455R

Grate Robt E (Pauline) 2 h 511 S 2nd

Graves Ross (Mary B) Q cabt mkr h 827 Mirabeau ¢263Y

Gray Florence C (wid Roy) Q slswn Bays Variety Store h 722 Mirabeau ¢494Y 

Gray Lizzy B h 557 Lyndon ¢455B

Gray Mary (wid Hayes) Q h 227 Pine .0 300

Gray Pearl G (wid T S) Q h 413 North .0231R

Gray Robt C (Alice) 1 supvr Am Pad & Tex h 617 Mirabeau ¢232K

Green Annie (wid E L) Q h 670 Dickey 0438X

Green Lida (wid J D) Q h ws Foraker 0387R

Green Walter L (Opal) 2 0,x lab h RD 3 ¢4318

Greenfield Beauty Shop (Mrs Helen Davis) 112½ N Washington 1'40

Greenfield Body & Fender Shop (J L Wise & V W Kersey) 660 S 7th .0759R

 Greenfield Bowling Alley (Gerald Paul) 342 Jefferson

Greenfield Branch Public Library Mrs Ivola W Stam librn City Bldg

Greenfield Cab Co (E H Dehart, G A Anderson & Orley Gragg) 203 Jefferson 0688 & ¢689

Greenfield Cemetery 721 N Washington

GREENFIELD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE A H Craft pres, D W Hindes v-pres, Allen Johnson exec mgr & W L Rowe sec City Bldg

Greenfield Cleaners J W Jones mgr 119 N Washington 0,239

GREENFIELD CREDIT BUREAU (John E Donnells) 618 S Washington 0698


GREENFIELD EXEMPTED VILLAGE SCHOOLS W M West supt (See Public Schools) 545 Jefferson 0485

Greenfield Foundry Co (W T Jackman) 530 Waddell 0600

GREENFIELD GRAIN & HAY (M D Iseman) 23 Jefferson ¢269

Greenfield Junior Chamber of Commerce K D Rexrode sec 324½ Jefferson 

Greenfield Lumber Co (J L Mertz Jr) D W Dawes mgr 429 S Washington 0,86

Greenfield Municipal Hospital Mrs Mary M VonBargen supt 549 South .0200

GREENFIELD PRINTING & PUBLISHING CO Wilson L Moon pros & genl mgr, P 0 Jones v-pres & Mabel E Hall sec-treas 132-34 N Washington 0.27 & 095 & offset dept 400 S 6th Q146

GREENFIELD TIMES THE C Carlton Hartley publr, Geo Fenner gent mgr & Pat Shrock ed daily newspaper 345 Jefferson 09 & 0,39


BOARD OF EDUCATION J S Hull pres, J C Sitterle v-pres, Geo Fenner, J T Stewart & L L Wilkin mems & W A O'Dell clk 545 Jefferson 0,485

BOARD OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS T 1R Badgley, Paul Narcross & N F Woodmansee trustees ¢209

CLERK Mrs 011ie D Cook Q315K

COUNCIL W G Winegar, A L Pettigrew, J B Dillon, Homer Waterman, G A Donnells & R J Ralph 0.315K

FIRE DEPARTMENT Thos IRedkey chf 131 N Washington ¢1

MAYOR Robt J Smith ¢315K

POLICE DEPARTMENT F A Matlack chf 0418

STREET DEPARTMENT Sam Hill lab-in-chg


TREASURER Sara J Anderson

WATER & LIGHT DEPARTMENT W H Shawhan dir of pub sere 0209 pr hse 14 Jefferson 0.135

CITY BUILDING 310 Jefferson

Greenfield Welding & Machine Shop (A E Yager) 212 S 5th 0.404R

Greenfield Wine Stare (Raymond Jones) 236 Jefferson ¢363Y

Greeves Elmer (Rena) Q h 657 S 2nd

Gregg Audrey A (Mrs R F) elk Waddell ' Co r 552 Dunlap La ¢744R

Gregg Chas A (Edith L) ® mgr Kroger Co h 238 N Washington Q264K 

Gregg Edith L (Mrs C A) elk Village Water & Lt r 238 N Washington Q264K

Gregg Martha J Mrs (Cut & Curl Shop) h 1020 Grandview ¢756 

Gregg Raymond 0 ® h ss Ford

Gregg Robt F (Aubrey A) ® lino Greenfield Ptg & Publg h 552 Dunlap La Q744R

Gregory Donald G (Ellen) 6 ® bkry emp h 433 S 2nd 

Gregory Grant r 513 Boyd Q212:R

Gregory Harry (Flora) ® fcty h 959 North

Gregory Nellie (Mrs Vonly) reg nurse r 513 Boyd Q212R Gregory Vonly (Nellie) ® h 513 Boyd Q212R

Gregory Wm E (Violet) 2 ship elk h 551 Edgewood Q708Y 

Grice Etta L (wid J E) r 338 N 6th Q624B

Grice Lenna M ® h 338 N 6th Q624B

Griesheimer John W (Virginia) ® tchr McClain HS h 733 Jefferson Q465B

Griesheimer Virginia (Mrs J W) soc ed Greenfield Times r 733 Jefferson Q465B

Griffith Howard K (Marcella) 5 meat ctr h 503 Lyndon 

Grim F Lee (Flossie) ® h 986 Jefferson 4\263B 

Grim 0 Frank (Austa) mgr Hester's Prod h 125 S 7th Q267W 

Grimes Sylvia Mrs 1 r 432 Evans

Grimsley Eliz dspr City Cab r 322 Mirabeau

Grimsley Jos W (Ruth) 2 emp US Shoe h 322 Mirabeau 

Grimsley Mary Mrs 4 h 151 Lafayette

Grimsley Virginia Mrs prod dept Uhl Bros r 664 Dickey Q336Y 

Grooms Everett E (Pauline L) 6 trk dr h 606 Jefferson

Grooms Rodney (Frances) 2 (Grooms Wrecking Serv) h 239 Edgewood Q729X

Grooms Wrecking Service (Rodney Grooms) 239 Edgewood Q729X 

Grove Arnold A (Julia) barber 339 Lafayette res Leesburg 0 RD 1 

Groves Arnold barber Barr's Barber Shop r RD 3 

Groves Thos (Mabel) lab Village Water & Lt h 232 Jefferson 

Grubb John student r 476 Dickey 0.341Y

Grubb Willis G (Alma) 1 ® mech H W Elliott & Son h 476 Dickey Q341Y

Grubbs James (Juanita) 1 mounter Waddell Co h 228 Summerfield Q275K

Grubbs Ronald (Betty) opr B&O RR h 414 McKeIl Q481X

GUERNSEY DAIRY (Robt D Vandermark) 806 North Q470

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